Unnecessary Embarrassment

Once upon a time, I was trapped.
How many times had it been?
Have you ever been trapped in a suddenly embarrassing moment that you could’ve gotten over, but people kept sticking it in your face and making fun of you? If so, wanna join my club? I take martial arts, and sometimes embarrassing things happen. It’s just gonna happen. There’s no avoiding ‘em.
Anyway, I was asked to demonstrate a monkey roll, which is similar to a somersault, but you are rolling from your left (or right) shoulder to your right (or left) hip. So at an angle, you are rolling forward. It took me a while to get the hang of monkey rolls, but I finally had it. But I wasn’t asked to just demonstrate a normal monkey roll. I was asked to demonstrate a forwards monkey roll, and then go straight into a backwards monkey roll.
The walls of my life crashed all about me as I heard my Sifu (teacher in Chinese) ask me to do so.
I looked around.
All eyes were on me.
I gulped down the saliva gathering in my mouth.
I took a step forward.
I saluted my teacher with a “yes sir” and rolled into the first step. And then a died inside. I couldn’t do it. I had never been able to do a backwards monkey roll before in my whole life. How was I supposed to do it under pressure?
I tried.
And I failed.
I tried again.
And failed again.
Sifu came over and began giving me a lesson in front of everyone on how to do a backwards monkey roll. Gosh. My face was beet red and tears pricked at my eyes, but I swallowed it all down. I was the only girl that day in the school, and I wasn’t going to let anyone see that I was embarrassed and wanted to cry.
The worst part though, was that backwards monkey rolls done wrong look really stupid. Yay for me!
After my teacher finished showing me, he had someone else finish demonstrating, and I tried to hide myself at the back of the group.
One boy didn’t want me to forget about it though. He started teasing me lightly about how I messed it up, but then he began saying things like, “Watch the professional do it,” referring to himself. I was fed up with him. But I knew that I couldn’t get mad at him, so I just took it all with a smile, while inside, I was balling like a baby. I had to suffer through that all night long. But I didn’t have to, because if no one had said anything—even to comfort me—I would have been fine.
Instead though, I went through the extra pain of being teased. But the lesson to learn there is self-control. With God by your side, you can get through anything.
Just like I did.

As this is a blog to encourage and help girls of all ages, I thought I’d talk about society’s standards. What do I mean by this? Well, I mean all of the people saying you have to wear makeup to look pretty, be a certain weight, height, have certain hair, clothes, etc.

I saw a video on YouTube that really inspired me. It made me happy to know that people out there are standing up for what is right and true. It even made me cry, because I know I have fallen for societies lies before, and I know I still will. No one’s perfect. But with God, you know what? We can do a whole lot better.

After you watch this video, just sit and close your eyes, and think for a moment. What lies have you, or are you falling for? How can you fix it? What is it in your life that you can do better?

If you have any questions, or would like me to discuss further on this topic, please leave a comment. 🙂


So tomorrow and Saturday I start a temporary job. I’m really excited for the opportunity to earn some money at a real establishment but I’m also very nervous. The task I will be performing requires speed and concentration. Please pray for me, y’all! I really need strength to get me through this weekend.



Last night while i was putting my face mask on and getting ready for bed, my sister came in the room with this.


I automatically knew what it was because I’d seen her give her maid of honor and two other bridesmaids the same exact thing.

I was ecstatic and smoldering a scream, since my parents and siblings were in bed, as she stood there still holding the small box.

I gently set down my Oxy bottle of face cream and reached out to take it.

She then pulled her phone out and began videoing me as i opened it.


Of course i would!!!


Except for the fact that the last part of the video is me telling her not to record me, because of the face cream plastered on me, it was an awesome bridesmaid proposal that i shall cherish always!

Today my sister, who is also in the wedding, and I did a photo shoot with our boxe. We got some pretty good ones and funny snaps.IMG_0276

Thanks so much, Kim, for asking me to share your special day with you!

Looking forward to September 15th 2018!!!!!