Dakota is our Morgan Paint mix……I think. I know for sure she is part Morgan but I’m guessing about the paint part. 😉

I was going to ride her today but after realizing how long it’s been since I rode her last, I quickly changed my mind. She was being really snobby because she’s been in practically all winter. She stays at my grandparents’ house and they live just outside  a small city. There is a really busy road right by them and we don’t have a lot of land to ride her on. But last year I rigged up a sled behind her and i rode her all around while pulling my siblings on the sled. It was tons of fun.

I brushed her out down by the house and she protested the whole time. I’m hoping that maybe tomorrow that my sister and I can take her up to a field behind us and lunge her. She really needs it. I just have to find my lunge line.

An almost clean horse. Is that even possible?
Someone needs her bridle path cut.
Say cheese!
My audience.


I was really disappointed when I forgot to shut her paddock door and she got out in the mud. Does anyone want to take a guess what happens when a freshly groomed, rebel horse is loose in the mud?


I was very lucky to get any pictures today. She totally refused to pose . I had to be quick.



My baby Hadley follows me every where. Probably not the best idea around a skittish horse.

I finally got sick of her attitude so I found my lunge line and lunged her despite all the mud.



Country girls like mud……because they don’t have a choice.

What girl DOESN’T  like clothes?

                  None!! 🤗

What girl DOESN’T like to go shopping for clothes?


Anywhere I go and I see clothes, I go crazy! 😍And I’m not particularly a girly-girl. I love the outdoors and often have mud splattered on my blue jeans. But I’m a girl. I’ve got that girl instinct to love clothes. If you dumped me in a jungle with only one outfit i would probably go crazy. Something i love a little more than clothes is shopping for clothes. 😉

So in this post I’m gonna give some tips for shopping.

  1. If you know you are going shopping that day then wear a shirt that buttons up the front. That way when trying shirts on, you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair updo.
  2. Wear slip in shoes instead of boots or boots that zip up the side and are easy to put on and take off.
  3. When it comes to purses  and shopping , the best kind is a big purse with handles. I just think that’s the best kind because 1.) it won’t get lost in piles of closes like a small wallet would and 2.) you can hang it on a peg in the dressing room.  Or if you prefer, put a lanyard on your wallet so you can at least hang it up and keep an eye on it. Nothing would ruin your shopping spree more than to lose your money.
  4. I have one rule when shopping: Fall in love with the price before the item. It is unwise to spend an outrageous price on a shirt just because you loved it so much. So I avoid new clothes that just came in and I go straight for the clearance rack. If I see a cute article of clothing, I look at the price first before looking at it more or trying it on. You feel much better at the end of the day knowing you didn’t buy the full priced items.

So those are my shopping tips. I hope they helped y’all. ~Anne



Feelings are part of being a teen girl. And one of those categories of feelings is Romance. We start to long for love. We sit around moping…..just waiting for cupid to zap us with an arrow.

Being the 4th oldest girl in a family of 6 girls (and 2 boys) I’ve been watching as all 3 of my older sisters have been moving on with their lives and finding “true love”. I use the term “true love” very mildly because they’ve really not found Mr. Right but they’re on the right stretch of road to his house, if you know what i mean. I feel….left behind, you might say. I’m now the oldest girl in the family not in a relationship. And I don’t want to be just because my sisters are. I want to find “him” because one day i want a family and my sisters are…..i guess…..living my dream. That kinda hurts.

Last year while listening to a speaker at an unfamiliar church, I met a young man. He came up to me and introduced himself to me. I truly believe that he had a spark of interest in me and i in him. When i first saw him walking up to me i thought,”He could be the one.” I was very excited……..too excited, in fact. I became so nervous that i didn’t really say much to him and i looked…….scared almost. He probably thought, by the way i acted, that i didn’t like him. Whatever the reason, I never got a phone number and thus I have not seen him again. So I guess he wasn’t the one.

But the point of this post is to not be so eager for a relationship.

As the saying goes:

Love is like a pot of water that you should boil, but you shouldn’t watch it.

Don’t be jumping off the balcony hoping you’ll land in Romeo’s arms because you may find that you jumped too soon and he wasn’t there to catch you.

Wait for God to send you the right guy. A guy that will love you with all his heart and will love God even more. A guy like that is priceless.

I hope this helps y’all and that one day Romeo will yell up to you on the balcony and tell you he’s ready to catch you. ~Anne



I am not the type that suddenly has hysterics or an emotional breakdown, but there are times when sometimes I am just not my self at all.
I take biology from a woman who teaches home-schooled kids with a christian curriculum. I go every Tuesday with eight other students. I sit in the front row every week—to the right of the left end desk, where one of my friends sits. Two of my other friends sit in the two chairs to my right. Then three boys sit behind me, and two girls sit in the third row toward the back.
We were beginning to study invertebrates and vertebrates. Our teacher was talking about one of the creatures and writing things on the white board.
I was taking notes and had kind of blanked on what my teacher was saying. She was in the middle of a sentence, and the word “gut” brought my mind back to reality (here comes the strange part, because there always has to be a strange part in every story). For some odd reason, the word “gut” sounded funny in the tired state that I was in. And you know what I did? I broke out laughing, of course! Everyone looked sideways at me, probably wondering what was wrong with me. I tried to apologize, but I couldn’t stop laughing!
I could hear the boys snickering behind me, and then my friends were chuckling. That just made my laughing continue. The hilarious part is that our teacher didn’t stop her lesson, she just continued right on, rolling her eyes at me every once in a while. I was laughing so hard, and my teacher kept feeding me every time she used the word “gut”. My eyes began tearing, and I buried my head on my desk, with my arms wrapped around my head, laughing and crying at the same time. No matter how much I tried, I could not stop!
After a while, everyone else had quieted down, but I was still having my hysterical meltdown. Finally, I began to quiet down, and wiped the tears from my eyes. Some of the boys laughed lightly while I was wiping my face.
I have to admit, it was pretty funny. Fortunately, I wasn’t embarrassed. I apologized to my teacher, and she chuckled. Guess I just added a little amusement to everyone’s day. 🙂

You’re lonely. You want more friends. You want people you can call at any time of the day, and they will answer. You want them now!

Does that sound familiar? All of my life, I have always been on a search for new friends that will be that special life-long friend for me. The problem was that I wasn’t looking at the friends I already had.

As a young girl, I had a large group of friends from church. The type that you see every Sunday and play with, learning your lessons, and goofing off. The kind that you invite to all of your birthday parties, and in turn, get invited to their parties. But as I grew up, something happened to those friends… we all just split apart. Now when I see them, they practically ignore me.

Next are the friends that you meet through your siblings. You don’t think much of them, because they are just the siblings of your siblings friend. But later on, you realize that you actually really like this person as a friend, but you feel awkward talking with them.

There are the people you see constantly, but hardly take the time to get to know… but what if you did?

In the past two years, I have joined many different groups and clubs, wanting to make more friends, because I didn’t feel satisfied with the ones I had. Unfortunately, I felt somewhat rejected everywhere I went. Eventually, I turned to the friends I knew, and an amazing thing happened. I grew closer to those people, and realized that I didn’t need dozens of friends… as long as I had that small group who knew me well and loved me for who I am, I would be fine.

It’s hard to come to that conclusion… especially when you are feeling very lonesome and/or can’t hang out with the people you want to. But everything turns out for the better at some point. You only have to be patient and wait out the dry spell. 🙂


Finding the right job career for yourself takes a lot of time and research.

My 3 older sisters all have careers in medical stuff.

My oldest sister, Jenni is a firefighter, paramedic, and EMT.

My 2nd oldest sister, Kimmi is a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse).

My 3rd oldest sister, Molli hasn’t really determined what career she wants yet, but currently she is a STNA (State Tested Nurse Aide) and a Tae Kwon Do assistant instructor.

When I was younger, I was thoroughly impressed with a cop show called Walker Texas Ranger starring Chuck Norris (not the best show for kids). After watching it, i was determined to get my black belt, go into law enforcement and beat the bad guys butts. As I see now, that wasn’t totally realistic. Law Enforcement is very dangerous and it isn’t all about beating people up. I did some researching and decided that it wasn’t for me. All of my sisters are urging me into a nursing career but that’s not what i want to do.

So i’m making a list of things that i’m thinking about. Here they are.

  • Social worker (I’m not really sure about this one, but it’s a possibility.)
  • Barber?
  • Fashion Designer
  • Hairdresser ( My cousin’s wife is my hair dresser and she is really awesome. She has inspired me since i was 9. She is such a sweet and God fearing lady. That is why i’m thinking seriously about this one.)
  • Interior Designer
  • Makeup Artist?
  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail Technician

I also considered being a Computer Technician like my dad but I don’t think i would be very good at it. He is the best Computer Technician. He has fixed my computer, my Grandpa’s computer, my sister’s computer and his computers  all my life. And his talent doesn’t just stop on computers. He works on ipads, iphones, MP3 players and just about every kind of technical device. If it wasn’t for him, the college that he works at wouldn’t be able to exist without his expertise knowledge. It is a hard job but he’s good at it. Still, it isn’t something i could do very well.

Anyway, i hope my list of career choices was helpful. Tell me if you have any suggestions to add to my list.


Teen girls often go through a stage in life where they have mixed feelings. All girls experience this at some time or another but not always at the same age.

For me these feelings started when i turned 15 and they continue to overwhelm me a year later at the age of 16.

There are different phases of these feelings and they can range from happy to sad and ecstatic to depressed. I personally have experienced each one and have invented different ways to cope with them. Most of these feelings are imaginary and blown up bigger than they are due to our girly hormones.

These are all normal to experience but sometimes hard to cope with.

                                      Happy Feelings:

  • You may get excited over a certain thing in your life, imaginary or real. The thought of possibly meeting new friends. This may occur from a transfer of church, school, co-op, or youth group.
  • A sudden surge of confidence making you feel invincible to the problems life throws at you.
  • Actually feeling content with yourself. Realizing your self beauty. Having that wonderful feeling of “I’m so Awesome and there’s nobody else like me!” Not a haughty feeling but a confident one.
  • Excitement about your future. You comfort yourself with the thoughts of happy things you plan on doing in the future and that things will not always be glum. For instance: If you plan on having a family as your future, you may feel ecstatic about being married, having a baby and raising it, or having a home that you and your husband can call your own.

                                                      Sad Feelings:

Sad feelings can be those of when you feel overwhelmed and again they can also be imagined and falsified.

  • You wish to move on with your life. To get a job, drive a car, graduate high school, do something different from your every day, “boring” life, make friends, find love, get a phone, or change your clothing style.But you feel helpless to do any of those things. When i feel like this, i often tend to sit and listen to sad music or go on a walk by myself.
  • Rejection. Some friends or strangers probably rejected you and you feel worthless or maybe they didn’t know you were in an emotional mood and teased you, thus hurting you.
  • Low self confidence. This emotion can often be triggered by peer pressure. You see others around you as better or more perfect. They may try to get you to follow after them but there is hesitance on your part. You know what they’re doing is wrong, it doesn’t fit you, or your parents won’t let you follow after them. It can also be brought on by acne or other skin imperfections.
  • Depression. i often find myself in a stage of depression for no apparent reason. I just feel plain depressed……about everything.


                  Solutions for Both Happy and Sad Feelings

Here are a few solutions I have found that work for me when I’m emotional.

Sad Feeling Solutions:

  1.  Self-confidence: You can simply obtain this by realizing how unique you are. Realize that God made you special and you are so AWESOME because you are you. Dress in a style that you like, as long as its modest, and don’t let others tell you what style fits you. Whenever anyone teases me about my outfits, I just smile and say,”I don’t care. I like it and it’s me chic.” Me chic is a term i use that means : Something that is stylish,cute,and modest and you like it and it suits you.
  2. Depression: When you feel depressed maybe it’s time to examine your life. Find the source of your depression. Do you feel like your empty inside? When i feel this way I: Take a nap, read more in my Bible, get a good healthy meal and drink plenty of water. Chill. Take some time out. You time. Or You and God time. Pray and ask God to help you overcome your depression. Go for a walk. Listen to your music. Sometimes depression can be brought on by lack of sleep. Go to bed earlier and maybe sleep a little later. Or get up early after a good night’s rest and read your Bible, get some breakfast, grab a bottle of Power aide, and go for a walk. Stretching also helps me relieve some of my stress and depression. Make a personal vlog. Talk to the camera and get everything off your chest. I feel like I’ve gotten to talk to someone and the camera doesn’t get tired of listening to you.
  3. Rejection: Go find friends. Don’t act desperate but join groups and activities where you can find good Christian friends that won’t treat you like dirt. You don’t deserve to be pushed around by “friends” that are taking their emotions out on you.
  4. Talk to your parents about getting a job and your driver’s license. Find out why they aren’t letting you. If it’s because they don’t trust you, be a more trusting person. show them that they can trust you. Take on more responsibility around home. To do “grown up things” you must first have a “grown up” attitude and behavior.


I hope this helped you girls out there. Please let me know if it did.