Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

The greatest showman in the greatest show I’ve seen in a long while!

Truly, it was an awesome movie. I legit had goosebumps throughout the whole movie.


Hugh Jackman was the whole show. He stole the light in every scene in such an accidental way that created a whole new definition for the word finesse. He truly was the perfect actor for the role.

The music was AWESOME! I loved every song and, in fact, I have the whole soundtrack and listen to it over and over again.



Zac Efron and Zendaya played their couple part splendidly, and, coming from a great love story fan, they added a beautiful romance to the movie.

There aren’t enough ways for me to describe how much I loved this movie. But I feel like I’m slightly prejudice with my opinions because I’ve always been fascinated and carried away with musicals and my interest in the stage. So, to be fair to those wanting to see the show, here is the critic in me.

  •   One thing about the music: It was a little bit too contemporary for the time era.
  • There weren’t alot of animals and the animals that were present were obviously animated.
  • The entire show consisted more of song and dance routines than of actual circus acts.
  • Lettie-the bearded lady- wore very elegant opera dresses……with VERY open necklines. Which would have been ok except when she really got into her song and dance, the audience got kinda a bad view. Pretty much this was the only heads up that I saw.
  • OH, wait! That’s all!


Excellent movie, people!! Go get it at the library and watch it-again and again!


P.S. I  claim no rights for the pictures displayed in this post.


When Calls the Heart: My Favorite Show *May contain spoilers*


I have been watching WCTH (When Calls the Heart) for at least 4 or 5 years now and I’ve loved every episode.

My favorite characters have been, since the beginning, Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton. I have been waiting for these two to get married since…well, forever.

And finally,in season 5, Jack  proposed and this lovely couple tied the knot.



Because we don’t have cable, I have to wait for our library to get each episode in. I haven’t gotten to watch all of season 5 yet, but I keep up to date by watching clips on Youtube.

I cried during the proposal and the wedding scenes.

But there was a moment that I cried even harder.



1 gvaruCLbfw1wd9e2p-smiA.jpeg

A mountie comes to Hope Valley with sad news.

Jack Thornton is dead.

When I first heard this from my sister, I did immediate research. thousands of thoughts ran through my mind.

“Maybe my sister was just trying to prank me.”

“Maybe it was a mix up and he’ll turn back up…alive.”

But at the end of all my Googling, I discovered that Daniel Lissing, aka Jack Thornton, wanted to leave the show and rather than re-casting the role, Hallmark decided to split up the newly Mr. and Mrs. Thornton through a very sad and tragic death on Jack’s part.

I am very upset by the show’s turn of events, but there is still some hope left in Hope Valley: Elizabeth discovers she is pregnant with her deceased husband’s child.

Although many of us Hearties are very disappointed, shocked and sad, I know a lot of us still have a little excitement left within us for the upcoming WCTH season 6.

And while out of shocked grief I threatened to stop watching this show, I have now accepted the situation and am anticipating more excellent episodes to come from my still favorite show, When Calls the Heart.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that if you have never heard of it before, maybe you shall start watching WCTH and join the large community of Hearties.

For those already Hearties out there, what are your thoughts on the latest season of WCTH ? I’d love to hear from you so don’t be too bashful to hit that comment button!

Bye-bye for now!



Post Abortion Petition

If you have any common sense or at least a tiny bit of humanity, you most likely think abortion (the killing of unborn babies) is cruel and ridiculous.

But how do you feel about the killing of babies after they are born, up to the age of 5 years old?

That was an actual petition that was trying to get passed.

A guy by the name of Joe Biggs decided to go to a local college and find out how many people would sign a petition such as this.

Take a look.

Amazing, huh? And these are supposed to be intelligent students attending college, probably to one day become important and influential citizens in our country.

Pretty scary, I think.

Thanks for watching!

What are your views on abortion/this post?



Abortion or Murder?

If a visitor from Canada is arrested for stealing a purse, can we just send her to prison without a trial? Or could we execute her for purse snatching? After all, she is not a citizen.

-Taken from the Constitutional Literacy course workbook by Michael Farris

This was one of the questions in my Constitution class at co-op last week. The answer is: No. And why not?

We murder approximately 3,000 babies through abortion each day in the United States because we deem them non-citizens…because, in our minds, they aren’t living human beings.

Babies conceived in the U.S. by U.S. citizens are U.S. citizens themselves because, no matter what everyone says, a baby is an alive human being from the moment of conception.

With this said, why does a thieving, non-U.S. citizen from Canada have more rights than an innocent unborn U.S. citizen?

The Due Process Clause in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution offers protection to all persons who are actually in the U.S., whether or not they are actually citizens.

-Taken from the Constitutional Literacy course workbook by Michael Farris

Why does this clause only protect aliens and not our unborn children in America?

When I was younger and didn’t know much about abortion, I always thought that it was a quick and painless procedure. Until one day I did research and saw pictures of what an aborted baby looks like. It made me sick. I literally felt like throwing up. And even today when thinking about all the poor, innocent little babies that are dying right now from abortion, I still feel sick. I can’t understand how any mother can live with herself after knowing she did that to her own child.

It is said that an estimated 90% of women considering abortion change their minds after they see their baby’s ultrasound. Why is this? Because they see that they are carrying a living human being inside of them and it is up to them to protect him/her.

After listening to some court discussions about abortion cases, i noticed that they call unborn babies, fetuses to make it sound more like a thing than a person.

Fetus means “a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth” -(taken from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fetus).

In their attempt to make it sound more like a thing, they are actually proclaiming over and over again that the unborn child is indeed a human being.


As Ronald Reagan so profoundly said: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has been born.”

These same people who are claiming it is alright to abort a baby are saying that they themselves weren’t human beings while in the womb.

Has America really decreased in greatness that it now stoops to murdering her own citizens?

Abortion is MURDER!

Children are being brutally ripped apart as we speak. What are we gonna do about it?

When are we gonna make our voices heard and put an end to this slaughter?



Check Out Courtney Collingsworth Metz’s Classically Chic Clothing! Her stuff is so amazingly cute!!

If you have been following me on Instagram or you’re my Facebook friend then you more than likely already read my announcement on Friday. If you are one of the people who missed it, then long story short… Last Fall I was privileged to meet Julia, the owner of my favorite boutique, Lace & Lilac.…

via “Classically Courtney Collection” Launch with Lace & Lilac — Classically Courtney


The Best Birthday Gift Ever

My 17th birthday turned out way more awesome then I had planned. I got so many amazing gifts and my family and I spent some quality time together that I will never ever forget.

But probably the best gift that I received was one from my dad.

The day before my birthday, my parents and younger sister disappeared on a mysterious shopping trip, leaving me to feed and clean up after my 2 brothers. A little stressed out and disgruntled I felt really ashamed at myself when my parents called me out to the barn to surprise me with an early birthday present.


Her name is Izzy. Isabelle Miracle Koza. Koza is Polish for goat and I called her Miracle because she was the only kid to survive in her litter and she barely did. She is a 2 month old Nubian doe. I love her so much and she and I have become as close as a mother and daughter. 😄

I tried to get a few good pictures but she doesn’t hold still long enough to get some…..that is unless she’s chewing on something.😉 Here are a few, though.

Following Mommy around
Oh, how we love to jump!
Destruction with a capital D

I’m planning on showing her in this year’s fair so wish Miss Izzy and I luck in our journey this summer!

I’ll keep you posted!