As my family and I have been going through some hard times lately, I find that my books, country music and movies don’t help my raw emotions at all. Those things are all fun entertainment but they do nothing for your broken heart.

I have discovered this past week that reading the Bible, talking to God and listening to Godly music has helped to put me at some peace. It’s something I need to do daily but you don’t realize how important God is to you until you need Him.

This song by The Collingsworth Family has been an immense help to me. I listen to it in the morning while doing my hair and it really helps me get through the day.

Here it is and I hope after listening to it, you will put on the top of your to do list: “I’ve Gotta Get To Jesus!” God Bless!


You may remember Mark Cahill from another post I did, Inspiration Month. 

Well Mark emailed my dad a while ago asking for prayer for some health issues that he is having.

Please pray for Mark, that the Lord may heal his body so he may continue his work that has inspired so many.

And if you get the chance, contact Mark and give a word of encouragement and let him know he is in your prayers. Thanks! God Bless!!


So  as u all know, I’m trying to find a modest outfit to go square dancing in.

I really feel like I’ve been overwhelming u guys with out fit posts but today I got some adorable stuff and I just had to show them to you!

I guess I’ll start with the first items I bought.

The following purses are ones I found as soon as I walked in. I loved them both and couldn’t decide which one so I bought them both. ☺️




I was looking for a denim jacket and this wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I did like it.

This cute denim piece can either be worn alone or over top another article. It has lace on the shoulders and slightly down  the back.


Then finally I found almost exactly what I was looking for.


The only things I would change about it would be the length of the sleeves and the jacket itself and that it had pockets. Other than those things the color and style was just perfect.

I do want y’alls opinion on if this skirt will go with said jacket and whatever shirt I wear with it. Take a look!


Anyway. As usual, modest fashion tips are always welcome!

Till next time!

With the school year comes the change in our taste in clothing and hair styles and the amount of makeup we use either decreases or increases. Each year seems to be different.

As teen girls in our day and age, it’s hard not to feel pressured to wanna wear the latest fashion to fit in with everyone else. But who wants to blend in? Personally, I like to stick out from all the other girls when I walk into a room. Not that I like the attention but I like to be an example of my faith. If I claim to be a Christina yet I’m wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing then people are automatically gonna come to the conclusion that Christians are hypocrites.

You don’t have to dress from the ’70s to dress modestly. People are only gonna think that being a Christian is boring and dull.

I like to dress in a way that is modest yet stylish. This is unique and you will impress people.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits. Most of them are for church but I do wear them on different occasions as well.

This shirt can be worn with either skirt and still look adorable.
I won 1st place showing my dog in this outfit last year. Always feel like I’m about to walk into the show ring again when I put it on. 😉


Really. You can’t go wrong with denim! Chose your fav style, add a cute chic shirt and your set to go!
Lately I’ve picked up the style of knee length denim skirts. I really love it but it’s no good for riding in. 😬

Saw this movie in a magazine.


I read the summary and it sounded like a good film to watch.


I ordered it at the library.

UNTIL FOREVER, Madison Lawlor, 2016. © Vision Video

I wait a couple hundred years for it to come in.

I tell my family what it’s about and ask who wants to watch it with me.


Everyone says it sounds depressing so I get 0 volunteers.

It sits on my dresser for a week.

Then I check and find out it has to go back in two days and I can’t renew it.


So my grandparents agree to watch it with me.


It had me in tears by the time THE END appeared on the screen.

UNTIL FOREVER is the title.


It made me stop and realize how precious life is.

Like……when you’re coming to the end of your life, whether simply old age or some tragic disease is threatening to wisp your life away at a young age, the only thing that really matters is God. Not the style of your clothing or how popular of a life you led. That all means nothing. Only your relationship with God counts in the end. He’s the only thing that matters. I feel great sorrow for the people in the world who hear the truth and blatantly turn away from it, not realizing that tomorrow or even in the next hour their life could be snuffed out before they know it.

I hope y’all get the chance to watch this movie and I pray that it has some effect on your life or  someone else in your life.

Always remember: NEVER take tomorrow for granted and NEVER EVER   Take God for granted. Because if you do that you may come to tomorrow and find that tomorrow isn’t there.

God Bless!!

Have you ever felt happily overwhelmed before? Like…there’s a lot of things taking place in your life and it almost seems overwhelming but they are happy events that make the craziness joyful. And then, right in the middle of this seemingly “perfect” life of yours, devastation hits and it all seems like a bad nightmare. Something you never dreamed could ever happen, happens.

Well, dear readers, that is what happened to me and my family this week. It is a family thing that I don’t feel comfortable sharing  but I do need everyone to pray for us.

Im begging God to get us through this and I’m sure He will but it’s just really hard right now.

Thanks all!!