Annoying Acne


If you are like me, you struggle with acne problems. Bleh! I can’t stand it!!!! I always feel major embarrassed when I’ve got red spots all over my face. I scrub my face in the morning and at night with two different scrubs. The morning one is called Equate beauty (brand) Apricot blemish Control scrub, and the night one is Clearasil(brand) Overnight Wash. I’m very strict with my routine and hardly one day goes by that i don’t do  it. But even though you take good care of your face, you still get spots. 😦 A lot of my stress in life is caused by this.

All you need to do is remember that practically EVERY teen goes through this. It isn’t our fault. But this doesn’t mean you have to feel embarrassed all the time.

Try a concealer like BB cream. I use it when my face is really bad. Just get a bottle that matches your skin tone. Put a little on your index finger and tap it on the spot. It doesn’t cover the spot completely but it will make it lighter.

And just remember, even if you can’t get any concealer (or it doesn’t work) you aren’t a geek (even if the other girls at school say so). God made you, you. And NO BODY can replace you.

Let me know if any of my tips worked for you!! And please share some of your own!!!!!

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