Comfort People

Hey, guys! ‘Tis I, Brooke.

I am going through a bit of… let’s just say I am going through life. Life is hard, and throws things at you that maybe you don’t want to deal with. But you still have to deal with it, because it will not go away.

So… I am finding it really hard to write right now, but I am still going to continue.

Everyone in this wide world has gone through or is going through something difficult. It may not seem like that, but there is no exception. Everyone has had those moments.

I am the type to hold everything in, sealing it tight in my heart and throwing away the key. Then something will happen, and years of hurt and pain and heartache suddenly decides that it doesn’t want to be trapped anymore! I am constantly an emotional bomb, ticking away, and you never know when I may go off.

It isn’t  healthy to hold your feelings in and hide them from the people that love and care about you. Sure, there are the right and wrong times to let them show, but you don’t want to hide it all.

Then there is the problem of who you should share your heart with; my confidant is my mother. She understands me, and loves me, and I can say whatever I want or need to, and she will listen. I share things with my dad too, and close friends. It is always good to have those people around you who will just listen and help you.

With that said, there is Someone even greater to spill out your woes to. His name is Jesus, and He died on the cross to save us from our sins, so I am pretty sure that He loves us enough to listen to us.

When you are dealing with those struggling times in life, go to your “comfort people.” And if you aren’t a christian, maybe you should consider looking up to the God who loves, made, and created you.

“I sought the Lord and He answered me, He delivered me from all my fears.”

-Psalm 34:4

-Love, Brooke

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