Are You a True Heartie?

Hey guys! This is Anne & Brooke!

Brooke: Are any of you true hearties?  Anne and I both LOVE the TV show called… drum roll please!… WHEN CALLS THE HEART!!!

Brooke: It is a show based off of Janette Oke’s book series called The Canadian West Series, which continues in Return of the Canadian West Series.

Anne: If you love prairie romance stories, this is the one for you.

Brooke: It is about a girl who lives with her rich family in the East, and decides to move West to become a teacher in a Cole mining town (Cole Valley), and meets a handsome young Mountie… heheheheheh…

Brooke: The picture above is of Elizabeth Thatcher, and… Jack Thornton.

Anne: (As you probably guessed, Jack Thornton is the handsome young Mountie!) He is my 2nd favorite Character in the show. Elizabeth is my absolute favorite. 😉 Elizabeth and Jack make such a good couple!!! Who else thinks so? I don’t know. Maybe its just because I’m such a HEARTIE!!! 🙂

Anne: I am still waiting to watch the latest episode, and i am so anxious to find out what happens next!!!


Abigail, Elizabeth, & Jack (or Jarrick)


fooling around 2


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