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The Teen Years: Handling Rejection

Do you struggle with being left out or being called “just a little kid” when you know you aren’t? I do. My sisters are always leaving me out and telling me I’m just a little  kid and i don’t know anything. That really makes me mad and feel left out. But I got to thinking a couple days ago. What if I AM acting like a little kid? They treat me like one so maybe I’m acting like one. This really affected me. I decided to be more mature but i wasn’t sure how to do that. My definition of mature still might not be acting mature. But here are some things i started doing to prove my responsibility. I’m not sure if they will help you but here they are.

Step 1: I do things (such as chores) without being told.

Step 2: I don’t scream back when they are mean to me. I try  calmly quoting a wise saying that will get them thinking how mean they are to me.

Step 3: I try to listen to my parents more. Do every thing they tell you and they might let you (me) get a job!!!I’m still working on this one. And if your parents are anything like mine, they aren’t going to let you get a job till you show maturity.

Step 4: Don’t beg to go with your sisters. That shows you are desperate (and immature in their eyes). wait until they ask you and if they don’t that means they don’t want you along, and you don’t want to go with people who don’t want you. It isn’t any fun. Trust me on this one!

And if you find it not fun to be acting  more mature just to impress others then maybe you just aren’t ready yet. Don’t try to be someone else. This post is just a helper for girls who want to be more mature but don’t know how. And it isn’t UN-cool to not hang out with an older group. It just means you aren’t hanging out with an older group. It’s that simple.

Hang out with girls more your age. this way you don’t have to be someone other than who you are. You can meet other girls your age through youth groups or 4-H. I’ve been in 4-H for 6 years off and on now. And though  I haven’t made any kindred spirits, I have found girls that were very nice to me.

Let me know how you handle being left out! Did any of my tips help you in any way?

(Watch for my Make Your Own Job(s) post in my  Teen Years series coming soon!!!)


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