Music Can Rule Your Life

Life without music is just… bleh. If we lived without those beautiful noises all around us at every corner, life would be so very dreary!
But then again, music can have a… not so nice influence on our lives. If you subject yourself to unkind music, you can start to roll down that steep slope that will in the end take you into a very dark abyss of shame.

I myself am not allowed to listen to certain music, but am still given freedom in my choices of music. I prefer to listen to bands such as for KING & COUNTRY, who are my favorite right now, NEEDTOBREATHE, MercyMe, TobyMac, and such. I also like to listen to Peter Hollens, and Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys are up there too.

I have a pretty diverse taste in music, but I know when not to listen to something. Sometimes a friend will suggest something to me, I’ll look them up, and I start to get this weird guilty feeling sometimes, like I am doing it behind my parents backs. Whenever I have that feeling, I always shut off the device I am using directly and walk away from it for a good while. I don’t look the person back up unless I have permission.

To tell you the truth, I am disappointed with the choices of people that Disney decides to help in their career. The Radio Disney Music Awards usually has about one or two girls that are dressed not so modestly, and a lot of their music is about relationships, girlfriends, boyfriends, and other such topics. I steer away from that music, and I understand that some of the songs have good points to them, but how many in one album have a good point, and the rest give you that “guilty feeling”?

Everyone has a right to what they listen to, and I try not to judge those who listen to things that I do not. But if you ever feel a little tug on your conscience while listening to music that you know your parents may not approve of, turn the device off and walk away!


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  1. That is really amazing!!!! I love how you put that (and I’m not just saying this because she is my best friend and we have a blog together, you guys!! 🙂 ). I tend to sometimes listen to music that has a few lyrics that aren’t to good. But just as i was thinking yesterday, what will bad music get you in life? Nothing! Does it bring comfort in times of trouble? Sometimes when i’m nervous or uncomfortable, i listen to a song that has a good beat to it that helps me, but the words don’t really help at all.

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