So what happens when  your still not allowed to get a job even if you are mature? It may not be ’cause your parents are cruel and in humane, but they are trying to protect you from the harm in some jobs. Even so, you are without a job (like me). I’m still working on this, but here are a few ways you can earn money without getting an actual job.

> Make rustic looking signs out of wood. You can do this by 1.getting some clean boards maybe from a pallet and laying  4 horizontally face down. 2. Then lay 2 vertically across those to brace them. You can screw them in with the right size of screw. 3.lastly you can paint your sign and add words or use stencils to create a picture. Make several of these and sell them at a craft show or online.

>If you are good at doing something (example: untangling doll hair) make some cute flyers with all your information on them and post them on pin boards at different stores you go to.

> Ask neighbors if they have any jobs you could do.  Like babysitting their animals for them. If they have nothing for you to do, give them a flyer and tell them if they know anyone needing help have them  call you.

>Ask an older sibling who does have a job if you can do something for them to earn money.

How do you earn money? Did anything on this list help you at all?


3 thoughts on “The Teen Years: Making Your Own Job(s)

    1. Thanks so much!!! I did want to let everyone know, though that i didn’t create The Teen Years series to make girls think they had to act older than they really were. I did it to help girls who are unsure of how to act when it comes to the mature stage of life. Just a little FYI!😉

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