The Good and the Bad

I am a book LOVER. Books are my life, and I someday wish to be an author.

But how do you find good, wholesome, clean books to read?!

I really enjoy reading dystopian genre of books, but often times, they aren’t clean. I am a very blessed girl, because I found a couple of christian authors who wrote dystopian like books.

  • Evan Angler and his Swipe series
  • Krista McGee and her Anomaly trilogy
  • Lisa Tawn Bergren and her Remnants trilogy

Just those three are absolutely amazing!

I feel like I am sort of re-stating what I said in my last post: What you read is who you become. For example, if you read something with language, you may begin to say things that aren’t appreciate by others; if you read something with lots of grotesque violence and gore,  you may begin to crave for that.

There is a line, and on either side of that line, there is the appropriate, fun, exciting books, and then the ones that give you that “guilty feeling”. I will admit that I have read books that have given me that feeling, and I made a deal with God and myself.

It isn’t always bad to read books with violence, but some books are only about the violence, or the romance, or whatever it is. Some books have a little of everything, and are amazing books.

I do not often read books by non-christian authors, and that is usually my deciding point.

I hope this post was helpful for you, and please comment your thoughts on it or other ideas you have below.



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