Mean Side

If you are an average person, you have…….*orchestra music*….a mean side!! You usually just can’t help it. If something isn’t going right for you, you can tend to be snippy and mean. But sometimes you are mean without knowing it. I know I am.

I’ve talked about rejection and how some people can be mean to you. But what if you are one of those people without knowing it.

(That girl who is always sitting on her phone texting her friends.) She wears slightly immodest clothing and you’ve come to the conclusion that she is a snob and a brat. You shun her. Every time you make eye contact with her you throw your head up in the air and show off to the best of your ability,just to show her that you are better than her. Let’s face it. All of us do it at one time or another. We may not do it as I described it above, but yet we still do it.

But think of this. What if that girl really isn’t texting her millions of friends like you thought? She could have no friends at all and is either trying to make it look like she does or she could just be fooling around on her phone because she is lonely. What if she dresses immodestly to either impress you or she isn’t a Christian and has no Godly friends to show her right from wrong? She may not talk to you because she is sad and lonely. She may be very shy and she feels you are “more cool” than her because that is the way you portray yourself.

Taking these possibilities into mind, you should make every attempt to befriend her. If in the end you have given your all and she still refuses your friendship, then at least you know you tried. But don’t stop trying. Continue to be nice to her no matter what. At the end of the day you will have a better feeling inside of you and maybe she will too knowing that someone has been nice to her.

Do you know anyone who you could be nicer to?



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