Bandit’s Ace

This is my beautiful horse Apache. Her registered name is Bandit’s Ace, though. My sister and I were cleaning her up the other day and really liked how her mane turned out. It eventually came out though because she is so full of energy.

Apache is one of our 3 horses. We have two horses and one pony. Our pony is Daisy, and our other horse is Dakota. They are our current horses, but when I was younger we had two other horses (with Daisy). Their name were T and the other one (Daisy’s colt) was Jr. We sold T and Jr. and years later we got Dakota and Apache. The sad thing is Jr. broke his leg (according to his new owners) and had to be put down. 😦  I love horses So much and love spending time with them. I love trail riding, pole bending, and barrel racing with Dakota and just galloping Apache all over our yard.

Working with horses sure beats playing video games and such. I see so many girls today going around on their phones and ipads. Even if you don’t own a horse you probably could find somebody near you who would be happy to let you work with their’s.You will find it SO worth your while!fullsizerender



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