(from left to right) Star and Carrol, Patch and Lisa, and Comanche and Stevie.
saddle club 3
(from left to right) Lisa, Veronica (the stable snob), Carrol, and Stevie singing the show’s theme song, Hello World.

I started watching the saddle club at 12,  I think. It is a pretty good show that tells the adventures of 3 best friends in their  stables, Pine Hollow. The show does have some spots that i should warn about.

In the beginning of the series, all the 3 girls really care about are their horses. They love to ride and be “Horse Crazy”. This changes though, to my disappointment. As they get older and go from tweens to teens, they become more interested in their hair style than their horses. And they become “boy crazy” instead of “horse crazy”.  They still take good care of their horses but become more interested in music, clothing, and boys.Now I’m not saying that it is bad to like any of these things. But it was a dramatic change that i disliked. I guess you can see this all as showing you what NOT to do. It still is a good show that if you can stand the  crazy spots, then its okay. And there isn’t anything wrong with liking music, clothing, and boys, but some people take it WAY overboard!!! If you just watch the girls, you can see how they changed. This was probably because of peer pressure to fit in and be popular. Don’t let this happen to you. By changing yourself for the bad, you only make a fool of yourself.   Anyway, if You like the show, use it as a learning experience. As an ending comment, I enjoyed watching the show very much and i hope you do to.

The picture at the top is the Saddle Club girls towards the end of the show before they are replaced in the 3rd and final season. And the three individual pictures below it are the Saddle Club girls in the beginning. The first is Carol, 2nd Stevie, and 3rd Lisa.

If anyone watches the show, tell me your thoughts on it.



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