Music Review: Rion Paige

I learned of Rion Paige a couple of weeks ago, and she has completely inspired me!

She has gone through difficult medical diagnosis, and in my mind, has shined even more because of it.

“Rion has a congenital condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which has caused permanent damage to her arms, causing her hands to be fixed in a bent position. She is also blind in her right eye from glaucoma,” says MedPage Today.

pic 4pic 5

Rion Paige is a country singer, and is 16 years-old. At 13, she earned 5th place finisher on the 3rd season of Fox’s popular reality competition series the X Factor.

She was born and raised in Nashville, Tenessee, and I think that there are great things coming her way. One of her favorite artists was Taylor Swift. Anne made an earlier post on her, if you would like to check that out.

Watching her sing, she has such exuberance and feeling in her songs… it really is amazing!

pic 8
See how passionate she looks?

I found an article on Rion, and there is a link to it right here. It explains her story, and faith in our Lord God.


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