An Alarming Discovery

Alright… I apolagize for not posting last week! My family and I were on vacation, and I didn’t have any access to the Internet… sorry guys! For recompense, I am going to try to make an extra long post today.

I’m not really sure what to write about, so I thought I would just tell you guys what I’ve experienced over the last few weeks.

On the day of July 25th, my mom came into my room to talk with me… she told me that she had a tumor, and the doctors weren’t sure whether or not it was cancerous… and then if it was cancerous, what kind it was.

As you can imagine,  I was shocked… I wasn’t sure how to feel, and what all of this would involve. I have a crazy imagination, and that obviously went wild.

A couple of days later, we found that the tumor was cancerous, and my mom would have to go through surgery.

I was able to FaceTime Anne, and tell her about it… it was really nice to get it out.

On August 23rd, she had surgery to remove the tumor, and came home later in the afternoon, having left around 8:00. When she left, I couldn’t hold back my tears…

The surgery was successful, and they removed the tumor without any difficulty. They took it to their lab, and it was cancerous but they were able to get it all. After the surgery, my mom wasn’t allowed to pick up anything more than 5 lbs., and so all us kids were constantly reminding her not to pick certain things up.

She is doing really well now, and is almost completely healed. It has been exactly two weeks and a day since her surgery… I praise the Lord every day for the blessings He has granted us.


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