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So you are probably wondering…… “What’s up with the title of this post?” Well, I’ll tell you.

What does God think of what we wear? Does He even care as long as we do what’s right? What if God had a blog, would he have a post on what he thinks is appropriate for Christian girls (and women) to wear?

I have some friends that wear clothes that I think, in my opinion, are NOT modest. Some girls may think they are being modest but…… according to God, they aren’t. Okay, yeah…… they aren’t dressing like the world exactly, but they are still immodest.

Have you ever been putting some pants on and thought, “Man, these are kinda hard to get into! Well, they aren’t that tight, so I’ll let ‘em go.”

I see so many girls wearing clothes like…… skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, xs V-neck shirts, etc……

So in this post, I’m giving the “answers” to the modesty poll in my 1st modesty post. When  I judged the clothes, I asked, “Would I feel ashamed to wear this in front of God? Would I run change if He came?” These are the answers I gave after asking those questions. I mean NO offense to anyone who gave opposite answers to mine. These are just how I see God wanting me to answer.


#1: I think this is immodest because the girl is only wearing tights. She is trying to show off her legs. This outfit could easily be fixed by wearing a knee high skirt. That would be cute!!!!



#2: This is a cute and modest outfit!! The shirt was layered because it was too low. I layer a lot! It is so cool to experiment with different colored camis under a low cut shirt. Combine or mix-n-match! The skirt isn’t too short and the shoes are super cute!!


#3: I think this is a adorable outfit!!!! It is a little too short on the girl wearing it, but it all depends on your height.


#4: When it comes to swimming suits, it is hard to find modest in them. But You are good to go on this one!! It isn’t too low in the front and it has a cute skort!


#5: This is a BIG IMMODEST!! Way too low in the front and the shorts are too short! Try layering the shirt and lengthening the shorts to about mid thigh. Just don’t let ‘em be too tight. Bleh!


(from left to right) #6. #7. #8. #9 #10: These are all great!! Not low at all in the front and the length of the dress isn’t to short. Take your pick, find a stylish up-do, and you’ll be the bell of the ball!!😉


#11: This is probably my favorite! Not too low or short and it isn’t tight at all! Plus the super cute shoes help!😄

Tell me if you like poles and I’ll be sure to do more in the future!! In the mean time stay modest and make God smile!😁

Love you guys!




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