Keeping your Schedule Clean

I am assuming that most of you have begun school… isn’t it exciting? I LOVE school!

With our new schedules, sometimes difficulties approach us: when will we ever be able to fit in all this stuff?! I have a suggestion! What helps me, is creating a calendar of what my week altogether will look like

Doing this has already helped me to keep up with all the things I need to do… which days and when.

It also makes it seem like you have so much extra time on your hands, once you set up a schedule!!!

Another tip is to start a bullet journal, which is pretty cool. I have started one in a simple composition notebook, but I plan on upgrading with a real journal, and stickers, and tabs, and such. 😄

These are some fun ideas for bullet journals

I may possibly do a post in the future on my bullet journal, so keep comin’ back!

Hope this helps, and happy schooling!


One comment

  1. I started school……..maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago, but this week was fair time so we got it off. I don’t really like school a whole lot. Even though i get really good grades i still don’t like it… all.
    Thanks for the tips!!! May just try ’em!

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