Modesty from Brooke!




Anne & I have been doing some modesty posts, and I felt like sharing some of my ideas with you guys on leggings. Leggings can be too tight, or your back side is being shown off with the leggings, but there are ways to wear them in a modest and fashionable way.

I believe the same as Anne—we should please God with what we wear! There are other reasons than just God for dressing modestly as well. Talk to your parents about it!

When I dress every day, I think about:

  1. Whether or not God would want to see me in this
  2. Whether or not I would feel comfortable in this
  3. What my parents would say about it
  4. And lastly, what other people would think of me

Now, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t dress a certain way because people may judge you (for example, “She’s nerdy,” “Why does she always wear a dress?” etc.), but because people will think differently about someone if they dress a certain way… like if a boy sees a girl wearing something a little immodest. That is what I mean by what other people think of you. (If none of this makes sense, talk with your parents!)

Alright! I took some pictures of myself (please don’t mind the quality, it was from my iPad) to show you some different styles. The clothes are all LulaRoe, which is a really fun clothing company that sells patterned leggings, dresses, skirts, shirts, sweaters, etc. Some of it I don’t feel super comfortable in, and so I don’t wear that, but this is what I like:

All of the shirts above are long enough in the front and back to stay modest, and do not cling. On the last picture, I tied up the shirt in the back with a rubber band, so it is a little tighter (it is a super baggy shirt), but to make sure that nothing clings, I wear a tank top under everything (like Anne said, layering!).

What I love about those outfits is that they are fun, super comfortable, and modest!

I hope you guys have been enjoying our modesty posts, and please comment your thoughts!


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