Ben and Jessa Sewald

As I said before, I absolutely love the Duggars!! But my favorite Duggar is probably Jessa Duggar.

Jessa Duggar became Mrs. Ben Sewald in……2014……I think. They are like, THE cutest couple!!! They are just perfect.

And in 2015 (another guess at the year) they had a baby. They might be expecting again, but that’s just another wild guesss.

If I ever have a family I would definitely want it to be like Jessa and Ben’s! Tell me what you guys think. Who else thinks they make a good couple? And if you are a Duggar fan, who is your favorite? ~Annewedding-1024jessa-duggar-seewald-gives-birth-to-first-child-a-sonthjessa-baby-shower-01

Looks like they’re due with baby #2 on my birthday!!!

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