A Short Story

Hey guys! I didn’t really have much to say today, so I thought I’d share a story I wrote. 😉

Cassidy and her twin brother Roy were playing soldier in the patch of grass behind their house. It was Cassidy’s favorite time of the day, when the two would play together. They spent hours with each other after they had finished their schooling with their mother.
“Ha!” Roy shouted. “I have struck you down, general!”
Cassidy clutched at the imaginary sword stuck under her arm. She fell to her knees dramatically in front of the enemy captain and looked up to his face with a pained expression. “You have won this battle, but the war goes on! I know one of my comrades will avenge my death!” With the General’s short death speech, he fell to the ground, limp.
The Captain thrust his muddy boot atop his now gone foe and “hoorah-ed!” his victory.
“Ya don’t have ta actualwy stand ah me!” Cassidy exclaimed, her face pressed against the dirt floor of their backyard.
“Oh…” Roy removed his boot and knelt down to help his sister up. “…sorry about that.”
Cassidy spit grass out of her mouth and grinned. “That’s fine.”
“Children!” the twins’ heard their mother call. “Supper is ready! Wash yourselves up before coming in.”
“Yes ma’am!” they called back in unison.
Cassidy pretended to poke her brother in the back with a fake sword as they walked toward the house. Roy blocked with his imaginary shield, and both battled until they were up against the back wall of the small home. Cassidy gave one final blow as their mother stepped onto the back porch.
“I hope you children are doing what I asked and not fooling around.” She thrust her hands on her hips and tilted her head at them, an amused smile gracing her lips.
“Yes ma’am… I mean, no ma’am… or… something…” Roy stumbled.
“All right then, hurry up. Supper is beginning to get cold.” She stepped back inside.
Roy grimaced as he felt Cassidy’s sword plunge into his body. Cassidy laughed and sheathed her sword as they both stepped up to the porch and to the basin of water.


“…and then I struck him down with a mighty blow!” Roy finished in a gasp as he regaled his mighty battle against the enemy captain to his parents.
“Yeah, and he stuck his ‘mighty boot!’ on my back and squashed my face into the dirt,” Cassidy added.
“True,” Roy admitted. “But I did vanquish a mighty and worthy enemy. Too bad he doesn’t live to tell the tale himself.” Roy sighed dramatically.
The twins’ parents chuckled at their children’s imagination. They were constantly playing some game, whether they were washing dishes, doing school work, or walking to the local church.
“Do you have an upcoming campaign against your enemies?” their father asked of Roy.
“Indeed I do. My work is never over,” answered the young boy.
“And my death’s aren’t ever over either, with his ‘mightiness’ around,” Cassidy said jokingly.


The twins were just stepping out to the front yard—about to begin a battle—when three boys came cycling down the road.
“Hey, Roy! Why don’t ya join us?” one of the boys called to Roy as they paused in the street.
“No thanks, guys. I’m playing with my sister.”
“Seriously? You’re playing with your sister? What a sissy!” The boys guffawed.
Roy glanced at Cassidy, who’s head was held high, glaring at the boys in the street.
“Come on Roy! Leave the playing to the girls!” The boys laughed again.
Again, Roy looked to Cassidy. Despite her proudly throwing back her shoulders, he noticed her eyes tearing up. He turned back to the boys and took a step forward.
“You know what?” Roy began. “I’d rather play with my sister any day than play with some boys who are so willing and quick to make fun of someone else. You treat my sister with respect, or you may regret ever coming here.” Turning, Roy took his sister’s hand and walked with her to the backyard.
“Maybe you could invite us to your next tea party!” one of the boys shouted as they pedaled off.
Upon reaching the back, Cassidy grabbed her brother in a big bear hug. “Thanks,” she said in a muffled voice.

I hope you enjoyed it!



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