I like polls! I like to express my opinion about things no matter what others think of me. That’s the way I am. Anyway, this is going to be another modesty pole.

Before we get started, here is how i feel about other people’s opinions: I believe firmly in what I believe. Even though I may disagree with you, I feel respect for what you think. It takes a lot for a girl to express her thoughts. She is brave and speaks up for what she believes in, knowing that others may persecute her for what she said. I admire a girl with a free spirit as long as it is a Godly free spirit. Be daring with your answers! Express what you believe in! With that being said, here goes the poll!


So let me hear from you!! Express your thoughts on each outfit. Tell me how you think it is modest or isn’t. Thanks!!

Until the next modest post! Stay modest and make God smile!!!!!!😁



2 thoughts on “Let Your Opinion SHINE!

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