So I had a Life changing experience just recently. I’ve decided to stop listening to some music that I’ve listened to for years. And that’s because I just heard something that when you listen to music it changes the pattern of your brain waves and you think and act like the artist or the person who wrote the song. Some music I used to listen to wasn’t very good and I didn’t and don’t want to think and act like that. So I’m (from now on listening to different music. I’ll still listen to some GOOD country songs but after I finish this post, I’m deleting a bunch of songs from my MP3 player. You want (and should) listen to music that draws you closer to God, not away. This post is a challenge to you girls. If you listen to music that you like but you know in your heart isn’t good, stop listening to it and replace it with good music. I’m sure we will make God smile by doing this! 🙂

Below are some artists that have good music. Enjoy!

Dan and Shay have some very good songs, but they do have some not so good ones.
for King & Country are Christian rock singers. Although they’re songs aren’t bad, the music gets a little loud at times. still they are very good. *Fun fact: Rebecca St. James is their sister.*
Newsboys don’t have any bad songs. They are a Christian rock band too and again some of their songs get jivy and loud. They are artists I’m leaving on my player but I’m not listening to some of their more up-beat songs.
Josh Turner is a Christian Country singer and I can’t recall any of his songs that are bad, although there may be a few.
Scotty McCreery is also a Christian Country singer. I’m not sure, but he may have a few questionable songs.

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