Fun Times, Part 1

If you have parents who like to make sure you get your school done and get good grades, you will understand my following predicament.

*Note: I am homeschooled, so my parents aren’t just enforcing school, they’re teaching it as well

I am taking Spanish classes outside of our house, and each week I need 5+ minutes of speaking with a native Spanish speaker. The first couple of weeks, we weren’t able to get that. My mom found a friend from our church who was willing to speak with us over FaceTime, but that ended up not happening. We had one day to get that in, and my mom was determined to make sure we got it!

We ended up going to a Mexican restaurant and speaking with the family who owns the business throughout our meal… such fun!

I was trying to ask for more chips, but instead, I ordered fries. 😁

At the time, my cheeks were flushed every time they passed, because I was overly nervous to talk with them.

I think I overused the words gracias and por favor.

Oh well, it was a learning experience.


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