So how many of you like a series of movies and you dream up an episode. I absolutely love fan fiction. I love creating an episode to my liking. Anyway, Laramie is an old western TV show. I think there are 3 or 4 seasons. I’ve watched practically all of them. But these past weeks I’ve been writing an episode. It may not be like the actual show but I’ve added a character to it. The following are the real Laramie characters in the show:

Slim Sherman- character portrayed by John Smith.

Jess Harper- Character portrayed by Robert Fuller.

Andy Sherman- Character portrayed by Robert Crawford, Jr.


Jonesy- character portrayed by Hoagy Carmichael

The character I created is Amy Sherman. Amy Sherman is Slim’s  younger sister by about 2years and Andy’s older sister. After her parents death she left to live with her invalid aunt that she was very close to as a little girl. 3 years after her parent’s death, her aunt died so she returned to Laramie. Amy is a tall blonde that is rather shy but is an expert marksman and and perfect in equitation. At first she seems still upset by death, but later on accepts it. In later episodes, Amy and Jess are considered “together”. I’m trying to find an actress that would portray Amy, but so far nothing. If anyone knows of an actress that would fit Amy’s character please share.

The show is really good. I’m including the show’s synopsis from wikipedia below. Wikipedia did it far better than I can.😉

The two Sherman brothers and a drifter, Jess Harper, come together to run a stagecoach stop for the Great Central Overland Mail Company after the Shermans’ father, Matt, was murdered by a greedy land seeker. The Sherman parents are buried on the ranch. Not until near the end of the series was it revealed that Matt Sherman had been falsely accused during the American Civil War of having aided the Confederates. After Jess Harper finds on Sherman ranch land the wreckage of a Union Army gold wagon stolen by Confederate raiders, Slim sets forth with the officer accused of helping the Confederates, portrayed by Frank Overton, and an Army major, the real culprit played by John Hoyt, to clear Matt Sherman’s name. The gold dust in question had long ago been scattered by the wind.

Hoagy Carmichael’s contract was not renewed after the first season,[2] and his character was eliminated with the explanation that he had accompanied Andy to boarding school in St. Louis, Missouri. Andy, however, returned to appear in three episodes in the first half of the second season.

To restore the chemistry of the original cast, as the third season began in 1961, Spring Byington, formerly of the sitcomDecember Bride, and Dennis Holmes joined the series in the roles of Daisy Cooper, a matronly widow, and Mike Williams, a young orphan permitted to live at the Sherman Ranch pending location of any next of kin, which never happened. Laramie made the transition from black-and-white to color at the beginning of its third season.  Because of declining ratings in its last season, Laramie was canceled.[2]

Subsequent episodes focus on the close friendship that develops between Slim and Jess, as they become like brothers with occasionally strong differences of opinion but always finding reconciliation and common ground. Generally, Slim, who is taller than Jess and two years older, is depicted as the more level-headed and thoughtful, with Jess as more emotional, with righteous indignation and difficulty controlling his temper.

Tell me what y’all think! ~Anne


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