Lucky Stars

I have recently discovered that I like origami! I had tried it a long time ago, and didn’t really enjoy it, but now I do!

I have been going crazy with making lots of thing, and thought I’d share them with you!

img_2330First thing I started doing were Lucky Stars… now, I don’t believe in luck, so I will probably come up with my own name for them, but that is what it will be for now.

Here is a diagram of how to make them… I found a couple, just to get the point across.

They are a TON of fun, and when you’re bored, it’s really easy to just cut out some strips of paper and get to work!

Oh! Speaking of paper, I guess you’ll wanna know how large it should be. Your paper should be (for the average star) 11″ x 1/2″. If you want a larger star, go to 1″, but I have found that larger stars are more difficult.

I am going to leave a link to a YouTube video that was very helpful for me, and I hope you guys enjoyed this!



    • I was using normal paper, and I tried cardstock, but that didn’t work too well in my favor… I found that the issues have a lot to do with the width of the strip you cut; too large, and it won’t work very well. Hope this helps, Anne! ☺️

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