Movie Review: October Baby

October baby is such a good movie! It tells the story of Hannah Lawson, a 19 year old girl, desperately wanting answers to why she has health problems. When her parents finally tell her, she discovers she was adopted after her real mother tried to abort her but failed. Together,  Hannah and her childhood friend Jason try to piece her  life back together and in the meantime discover their true love for each other. If everyone who is for abortion would watch this, their minds would be instantly changed.

               “I have noticed that everyone who is for abortion has been born.”~Ronald Reagan

Since they were only children, Jason and Hannah had a true love for one another that they hadn’t yet discovered.
“Why have you always been there for me, Jason?” ~Hannah
Hannah struggles to make sense of her crushed life.
After finding her real mother, Hannah is  devastated that she still doesn’t want her.

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