Jake’s Fortune by Ray Comfort and Anna Jackson

This was such an Awesome book!!! I had been putting off reading it. My dad bought it for me and I just hadn’t had time to read anything. While cleaning my room, I set it on my nightstand. I found a bookmark and wanted to put it in the book so I flipped to the first page of the first chapter. I started to read: “Jake was in the barn when he heard his mother scream. The sound  of it stopped his heart. It was unmistakable. Something truly terrifying had just happened.” From just reading these few sentences, I was truly intrigued. Before I had been in a hurry to do something else, but I forgot about it. Still holding the book, I sunk slowly in my moon chair and continued reading. I finished the book in the next 3 days. During those days I took the book everywhere with me. Instead of listening to my music in the car like I usually do, I read this book.  Here is the synopsis on the back of the book:

                “Ray Comfort and Anna  Jackson have crafted a compelling novel of mystery and romance that breathes with suspense and intrigue. Greed over gold, a cold blooded murder, overwhelming bitterness, abiding faith, romantic love, abuse, blackmail, secrecy, and intense personal struggles are the core elements of this great work that is set int he Wild West of the nineteenth century.”

I’m not going to type the rest because it kinda gives parts away. The following is my copy of it.win_20161031_193317-2

It was such an amazing book and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I encourage you to read it. Have fun with it!




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