Chapter One: A Day In The Life Of Jaime

This is a story I wrote from an experience at the beginning of the summer. Of course everything isn’t exactly what happened but I created parts. Tell me if you like it and I’ll publish more. ~Anne

“Annie? Annie!” Eighteen year old Jaime Lake yelled as quietly as she could at her 20 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy as they walked down the road. “I swear… I’m not going to take you on a walk again if you don’t start learning some manners!” Jaime tried to scold the carefree little pup, but couldn’t help but let out a giggle as the dog payed no attention to her words.

The past weeks had been rather chilly and uninviting to a walker and her companion pup. But today, it had warmed up and either Jaime was worn out and sweaty, or it was getting humid; Jaime hoped the last choice was correct. She was tired of being cooped up inside—maybe it wasn’t just the weather getting to her… it was something else, too. She wasn’t sure what it was, but… it nagged at her even though she tried to shake it.

At that moment, Jaime snapped out of her daydream and realized she had loosened her grip on Annie’s leash. The puppy saw a cat that needed to be played with and with one yank of the leash, Annie went to do just that. Jaime took off after her young pet and felt anger swelling up as she saw the animal chase the cat up a driveway into a row of barns.

“You would do something like this to me, wouldn’t you, Annie?” Jaime said nervously to her self when she lost sight of the slap-happy dog and terrified cat.

Shyly she crept around each barn, not daring to yell for the dog to come, for fear the owners heard her.

“Looking for this?” A voice came from behind Jaime. She judged it to be a man in his late 20s by the deepness of his voice. Hadley wheeled around and felt embarrassment sink in all around her.

There stood a boy probably 18 or 19 such as her self. He held Annie in his arms and her broken collar in one hand. Jaime guessed him to be pretty strong to be holding Annie as big as she was.

“Hi!” Jaime said quickly realizing the dumb look she must have had on her face at the time.

” Where did you find her?!?” she said taking Annie from the boy.

“Oh..just caught in some wire fence out back. Sandy is always having litters of kittens in that ol’  wire. Your little friend here must have tried to take a looks-y.” He smiled suddenly seeming shy. ” Oh! I had to cut her collar to get her free. Sorry ’bout that…….”

“No, No…you’re fi….I mean that’s fine! It was an old one anyways.” Jaime stumbled over her words, as she realized how deep his voice was and how his blue eyes were so attractive.

Jaime felt awkward and embarrassed as she stared at the young stranger. He was wearing and old t-shirt  that the sleeves had been cut off in a very unmannerly way. His whole face was soaked with sweat and his hands showed obvious signs of hard labor.

There was an embarrassing long pause before either person spoke.

“I’m Lance…..Lance Darnell is the name.” He smiled proudly and tipped his ball cap making Hadley blush.

“Nice to meet you, Lance. I’m Jaime…..Jaime Lake…” She did an exaggerated curtsy and the pair laughed nervously.

“Well……thanks for catching Annie. Sorry for the intrusion.” Jaime stammered as she smiled and started down the drive.

“That’s a fine puppy. Is she a Berner?” Lance asked quickly trying to carry their conversation on.

Jaime felt happy inside, for she hadn’t wanted to leave. She turned around to answer. “Yes! She is . Not many people know  what a Berner is. Her name is Andromeda, but I call her Annie.”

“Oh! How are you going to get her home? She’s much to heavy for you to carry.”

Jaime had been so excited that she didn’t even think of the dog’s weight. Now realizing it, she felt her arms ache. Jaime stood their with a confused look on her face, looking around for a string she could use.

“I’ve got some twine in the barn that i could fix her collar with….” Lance offered.

“Oh, that would be great!” Jaime said with a sigh of relief as she set Annie down.

Lance took the broken collar and said, “It’ll only take a minute.” he then quickly hurried into the barn.

Jaime’s curiosity urged her to follow Lance. She walked through the barn door that had a rather rustic look to it. Inside were numerous cows of different colors. One in particular that caught Jaime’s eye was a Jersey. Balancing Annie on one arm, she managed to reach over the stall door and pet the friendly cow. Just as she did, a small figure stepped out of the shadows. Annie barked playfully, scarring Jaime to the extent that she dropped Annie, screamed and wheeled around to run. Just as she went to make her escape, she tripped right into Lance.


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