This post is a personality quiz. Choose answers exactly as they come to you.

Which picture catches your eye the most?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Picture 1: You aren’t particularly unhappy. You don’t feel  stress often. You like to be alone, but can see yourself with someone one day.

Picture 2: Stress and worry seem to evade you. But you like to be with others. You like to be social.

Picture 3: You seem to worry a lot and stress is a constant companion to you. You feel lonely but like it that way because you aren’t the social type.

Picture 4: You find yourself worrying and stressing constantly. You like to be alone. The rearing horse shows your independent spirit and willingness to be free from your problems.


4 thoughts on “Personality Quiz

    1. Half and half, maybe. I don’t always feel stressed, though I do ten to procrastinate, and the. Feel stressed at the last minute. I also feel lonely, but don’t try hard to not be lonely, because I am an introvert. So I guess it was mostly true, but not 100%.
      Thanks for the post!

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