So todays post is going to be something I call a Help post. Below I will list several categories, and if you have any tips or questions for any category, then you can put it in the comment section. When I feel there’s enough Help tips and questions, I will make another post with them in it.

Also, if you post a tip, please include your blog address with it and I will post your blog with the tip.

Please add as many tips and questions as you want!

  • facial problems
  • style (hair and clothing)
  • Relationships (family, friends, dating)
  • health (weight and other health issues girls face)



3 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. Tip for Facial Problems: Be careful what facial cleanser you use. I used one that was too strong for my sensitive skin and it made my face really dry. If this happens to you, stop cleanser use immediately and use Cocoa Butter lotion on your face to help the dryness. Then carefully find a new cleanser. ~Anne

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