“Burn your boats.”

-Alexander the Great (Among Others)

You may be slightly confused by this quote, so here is my explanation: When Alexander the Great arrived on Persian shores, his army was overwhelmingly outnumbered. Even so, Alexander ordered his men to “burn your boats.” Then he turned to them and said, “We go home in Persian ships, or we die.”

The point is, don’t give up. If the path before you looks tough, you can’t just turn around and walk home. For Alexander’s men, they had to push through, since they had no way—except for their enemie’s ships—to get home.

In three simple words, “Burn your boats,” you could also say, “Never give up.”

This quote is actually quite relevant for me today, because I have a piano recital, and I’m not feeling the greatest about my piece. But will I give up? I don’t think so!


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