Horses: The Love of my Life

I love horses like more than any other girl on earth. They are a great pet and awesome hobby. They seem to understand you and can sense when something is wrong.

My favorite breed is the elegant Fresian (featured image). I believe that it is the most gorgeous horse alive. One day I plan on owning one.

I love pole bending and barrel racing and hope one day to do it in an arena instead of my back yard. 😉~Anne

Trail Riding is a calm way to enjoy yourself and bond with your horse.
Pole Bending is a pattern used with poles that must be done very quickly but carefully.
Barrel Racing is another intense pattern but doesn’t require too much care, for the barrels aren’t as easily knocked over as are poles. The pattern is short but must be done just as quickly as pole bending.




  1. I love horses as well, but not as much as you… 😀 I used to ride horses every week, but now I’m a senior (In high school) and I don’t have the time to go to the stables. I breaks my heart. I miss the stables so much, but I will go back someday. I’m hoping this summer.
    Keep riding!
    P.S. I love y’alls blog! ❤

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    • That’s sad.😢 I would die if I couldn’t ride a horse for more than a few months. I hope you can ride again VERY soon.
      Thankyou so much! I’m glad you like our blog! Let us know if there’s something you would like to be seeing. God Bless! ~Anne

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