Movie Review: Marvel

Captain America

The First Avenger

I am a fan of Marvel movies. Not the freak out and drool type of fan, but I just really enjoy these movies, so I will be posting a series of Movie Reviews on the Marvel movies that I have seen (there are a few that I am not allowed to watch).

Today we start with Captain America, The First Avenger. Captain America is one of the best Avengers on the team (I have a few other favorites, but you will have to wait for that). He is a godly man who sticks up for his morals.

At the beginning of this movie, an organization called Hydra is introduced. They are the evil people throughout each movie.

Steve Rogers (a.k.a. Captain America) is a wimpy kid during World War II, and all he wants to do is fight for his country… but his stature holds him back from getting in. Finally, a doctor allows him for some odd reason, and Steve gets his wish.

A man named Stark then performs a test on Steve to buff him up, and he becomes a super soldier, chasing after Hydra until the end of the movie.

There is slight violence in this movie, as there are wars, but it is a clean movie.

One of the reasons I enjoy this movie is because it focuses a lot on friendships, and sticking together as a team. If you plan to watch this movie, I hope you enjoy it!


Make sure to come back for the next Marvel Movie Review, coming on February 10th! But before that, check out Anne’s Movie Review on the 27th of this month!


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