Acne Encouragement

Have you ever been looking through a magazine or have you seen  pictures like this above the makeup isle? The answer is probably a most definite yes.


Have you wasted your good time staring at these pictuires and feeling depressed cause your face doesn’t look like that?

I have. Many times in fact. I always say to myself, “I wish my face looked like that.” And then i feel depressed.

I want you to look at this video and the next time you look at a makeup model, don’t get depressed.

When I saw this video, it really changed my perspective and opened my eyes to what makeup really is and does.

Before and After makeup.

Amazing, huh? And think of this: 99%, if not 100%, of models wear makeup.

This is the definition of makeup that i got from Oxford Dictionaries:

Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

If those women had such beautifully perfect faces, they wouldn’t need to wear makeup to alter their appearance, right?

So don’t be depressed about it.

And as my sister always says to me,

“Who cares about it? If your friends think you’re weird or whatever, then they aren’t very good friends. You take it way more seriously than it really is.”

99% of your friends and even total strangers don’t even give your acne a second thought.

But even though acne is nothing to be depressed about, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do something about it.

See my past post Annoying Acne and my future post Acne Solutions.

Y’all are awesome! ~Anne


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