One of my all time favorite movie stars-Audie Murphy.

But the name Audie Murphy is so much more than just a famous movie star.

It’s the definition of a true American. A Hero. In truth, the greatest American that ever lived.

Audie had a very hard life.

He was the 7th oldest in a family of 12.

When his father abandoned the family, Audie had to quit school to get a job and help support the family. He became a skilled marksman hunting food to put on the table.

His mother died when he was 16 and it left a hole in his life that he said he never found.

After Pearl Harbor, Audie wanted to enlist but was underage. His sister falsified his birth record and he joined the army at 17.

At first, his commanding officers didn’t think he qualified to be in a combat unit because of his fragile health. But he insisted on not being transferred and remained with combat.

When Audie was 19, being the commander of his company at the time, he ordered his men to retreat and take cover in the nearby woods when the Germans disabled their tank destroyer.

Maintaining his position, Audie held the Germans back for an hour using the burning tank. He stopped only when he ran out of ammunition and then returned to his unit.

Even after he received a leg wound, he led his men to further push the Germans back.

After the war, someone asked him why he took the Germans on alone and risked his life like he did, he replied simply,”Because they were killing my friends.”

Audie Murphy received every military combat award for valor that is available from the U.S. Army including several French awards.


(Medal information from Wikipedia.)

Because of a hip injury received during the war, Audie was unable to continue his army career as he had planned.

Although Audie’s dream of becoming a career officer was smashed, he went on to become a very successful movie star and was very popular for his western roles.

1640-053Duel At Silver Creek

Audie as himself in To Hell and Back.


Audie as a very dashing gunman.


When Audie came upon financial problems and was offered the role of advertising alcohol and cigarettes, he turned the offers down because he didn’t want to advertise products that were harmful to people, mainly the youth.

Sadly in 1971, at the age of 45, Audie Leon Murphy was killed in a tragic airplane accident.

Audie Murphy was indeed an AWESOME guy, to say the least.

What a great patriot and amazing man.

Audie Murphy-America’s GREATEST citizen and America’s GREATEST loss.

If you haven’t already, you guys should really check out some of his movies especially To Hell And Back , the story of his life where he plays himself. An awesome movie!

Thanks for reading! ~Anne





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