Busy, busy, busy!

Wow… I have been so busy lately, I have practically forgotten to come one here! I am back, though!

I thought that I would just give you guys a little overview of what I have done the past couple of weeks. 🙂

I started Driver’s Ed in January, and am coming to a close. It has been 3 days a week, and I believe there are 15 classes total. I had to fit 5 drives in before the last class, because I am leaving for vacation next week.
My drive four was this last Monday, and my last drive—5—is this coming Saturday. My final test to pass the class is on Monday, February 22nd.

And then, there is work. I have been doing childcare at my church for the past couple of years, and I just committed to every Tuesday night for about 11 weeks. So far it has gone pretty well. The first night was a bit crazy, with a large number of kids in a very small room… they destroyed all that they could. Since then, the number had dwindled down to a good 5, and we were given a larger room and activities for the kids.

I am also working at a tea house near my home. I come in when I am needed, but beginning in March, I will be coming in every Thursday, and a Saturday here and there. It is good work, but I mostly wash dishes for 4-5 hours, and hey can become a grueling job. My hands get all dry and pruny, and my knees get wobbly for standing in place most of the time. Last day I worked there (yesterday), I got to focus on making food, which was fun. 🙂 Also, a friend of mine is applying for a job there, so I am hoping we will be able to work together.

School! I have Spanish classes and piano lessons on the same day… it gets a little hectic sometimes. I have a lot of piano work to do, but it doesn’t help much that I hurt my index finger by jamming it really hard. Spanish classes are fun, but sometimes it is hard to find time to fit in my daily learning.

Well guys, that is the basic overview of my life right now. If you are going through crazy busy times, just pull through. You will eventually reach the end of the tunnel and see the light.


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