Since this is Monday-the beginning of a new week- I feel like trying to accomplish some goals that I’ve left un-completed.

Today, I feel full of energy and am actually going to get some things done. Here are my goals for the day. Wish me luck!!!

  1. Catch up on school and get a little extra done also.
  2. Clean room and find a place for bags to get rid of.
  3. Clean up house and sweep.
  4. Make some food for Home Economics.
  5. Read Bible and do studies from last Sunday.
  6. Ride or groom horse and strip stall.
  7. Go to store and get some things I’ve been putting off on getting.
  8. Work on blog.
  9. Go to bed earlier tonight and get up earlier tomorrow morning.
  10. Go for a walk or walk on treadmill.
  11. Plan to go to volunteer job on Friday. (That means getting extra school done so I have Friday off.)

Okay. Here I go! I’ll try to make another blog post tonight or tomorrow letting you know how I did.



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