First off, i want to say how sorry i am for not posting anything for so long. Life has been kinda crazy and busy lately.

1.) My elderly neighbor/friend was diagnosed with cancer months ago and our family was over at her house helping her and her husband all the time, which kinda messed up our normal daily schedule. But just recently, she sadly passed away. So please pray for her husband. He is very lonesome and upset by her death and he’s not in good health himself.

2.) My brother signed me up to do some stuff at his youth group and so i naturally had to cooperate. It was kinda fun but kinda awkward because i didn’t know any of the kids there and they didn’t go out of there way to be friendly, if you know what i mean. I hate social situations because I’m not a socialite. I get nervous when talking to strangers and thus say embarrassing things.

3.) I was slightly behind in my subjects in school because of some things and so these past weeks I’ve been working on catching that up. I should finish in April if i keep working hard.

So those are a few excuses of what I’ve been up to. I will try to make some more posts today but i don’t know for sure……….school calleth. 🙂

Goodbye, Lovelies!



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