You’re lonely. You want more friends. You want people you can call at any time of the day, and they will answer. You want them now!

Does that sound familiar? All of my life, I have always been on a search for new friends that will be that special life-long friend for me. The problem was that I wasn’t looking at the friends I already had.

As a young girl, I had a large group of friends from church. The type that you see every Sunday and play with, learning your lessons, and goofing off. The kind that you invite to all of your birthday parties, and in turn, get invited to their parties. But as I grew up, something happened to those friends… we all just split apart. Now when I see them, they practically ignore me.

Next are the friends that you meet through your siblings. You don’t think much of them, because they are just the siblings of your siblings friend. But later on, you realize that you actually really like this person as a friend, but you feel awkward talking with them.

There are the people you see constantly, but hardly take the time to get to know… but what if you did?

In the past two years, I have joined many different groups and clubs, wanting to make more friends, because I didn’t feel satisfied with the ones I had. Unfortunately, I felt somewhat rejected everywhere I went. Eventually, I turned to the friends I knew, and an amazing thing happened. I grew closer to those people, and realized that I didn’t need dozens of friends… as long as I had that small group who knew me well and loved me for who I am, I would be fine.

It’s hard to come to that conclusion… especially when you are feeling very lonesome and/or can’t hang out with the people you want to. But everything turns out for the better at some point. You only have to be patient and wait out the dry spell. 🙂


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