Feelings are part of being a teen girl. And one of those categories of feelings is Romance. We start to long for love. We sit around moping…..just waiting for cupid to zap us with an arrow.

Being the 4th oldest girl in a family of 6 girls (and 2 boys) I’ve been watching as all 3 of my older sisters have been moving on with their lives and finding “true love”. I use the term “true love” very mildly because they’ve really not found Mr. Right but they’re on the right stretch of road to his house, if you know what i mean. I feel….left behind, you might say. I’m now the oldest girl in the family not in a relationship. And I don’t want to be just because my sisters are. I want to find “him” because one day i want a family and my sisters are…..i guess…..living my dream. That kinda hurts.

Last year while listening to a speaker at an unfamiliar church, I met a young man. He came up to me and introduced himself to me. I truly believe that he had a spark of interest in me and i in him. When i first saw him walking up to me i thought,”He could be the one.” I was very excited……..too excited, in fact. I became so nervous that i didn’t really say much to him and i looked…….scared almost. He probably thought, by the way i acted, that i didn’t like him. Whatever the reason, I never got a phone number and thus I have not seen him again. So I guess he wasn’t the one.

But the point of this post is to not be so eager for a relationship.

As the saying goes:

Love is like a pot of water that you should boil, but you shouldn’t watch it.

Don’t be jumping off the balcony hoping you’ll land in Romeo’s arms because you may find that you jumped too soon and he wasn’t there to catch you.

Wait for God to send you the right guy. A guy that will love you with all his heart and will love God even more. A guy like that is priceless.

I hope this helps y’all and that one day Romeo will yell up to you on the balcony and tell you he’s ready to catch you. ~Anne


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