What girl DOESN’T  like clothes?

                  None!! 🤗

What girl DOESN’T like to go shopping for clothes?


Anywhere I go and I see clothes, I go crazy! 😍And I’m not particularly a girly-girl. I love the outdoors and often have mud splattered on my blue jeans. But I’m a girl. I’ve got that girl instinct to love clothes. If you dumped me in a jungle with only one outfit i would probably go crazy. Something i love a little more than clothes is shopping for clothes. 😉

So in this post I’m gonna give some tips for shopping.

  1. If you know you are going shopping that day then wear a shirt that buttons up the front. That way when trying shirts on, you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair updo.
  2. Wear slip in shoes instead of boots or boots that zip up the side and are easy to put on and take off.
  3. When it comes to purses  and shopping , the best kind is a big purse with handles. I just think that’s the best kind because 1.) it won’t get lost in piles of closes like a small wallet would and 2.) you can hang it on a peg in the dressing room.  Or if you prefer, put a lanyard on your wallet so you can at least hang it up and keep an eye on it. Nothing would ruin your shopping spree more than to lose your money.
  4. I have one rule when shopping: Fall in love with the price before the item. It is unwise to spend an outrageous price on a shirt just because you loved it so much. So I avoid new clothes that just came in and I go straight for the clearance rack. If I see a cute article of clothing, I look at the price first before looking at it more or trying it on. You feel much better at the end of the day knowing you didn’t buy the full priced items.

So those are my shopping tips. I hope they helped y’all. ~Anne




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