Introducing Dakota

Dakota is our Morgan Paint mix……I think. I know for sure she is part Morgan but I’m guessing about the paint part. 😉

I was going to ride her today but after realizing how long it’s been since I rode her last, I quickly changed my mind. She was being really snobby because she’s been in practically all winter. She stays at my grandparents’ house and they live just outside  a small city. There is a really busy road right by them and we don’t have a lot of land to ride her on. But last year I rigged up a sled behind her and i rode her all around while pulling my siblings on the sled. It was tons of fun.

I brushed her out down by the house and she protested the whole time. I’m hoping that maybe tomorrow that my sister and I can take her up to a field behind us and lunge her. She really needs it. I just have to find my lunge line.

An almost clean horse. Is that even possible?
Someone needs her bridle path cut.
Say cheese!
My audience.


I was really disappointed when I forgot to shut her paddock door and she got out in the mud. Does anyone want to take a guess what happens when a freshly groomed, rebel horse is loose in the mud?


I was very lucky to get any pictures today. She totally refused to pose . I had to be quick.



My baby Hadley follows me every where. Probably not the best idea around a skittish horse.

I finally got sick of her attitude so I found my lunge line and lunged her despite all the mud.



Country girls like mud……because they don’t have a choice.

25 thoughts on “Introducing Dakota”

    1. Yes! She does this every year in the spring but this time it’s a little worse cause I didn’t work with her much.
      I wish you lived closer too cause I would totally let you deal with her. 😄
      um…I’m not sure how old she is but I’ll ask my sister and find out. ~Anne

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      1. Not yet. I won’t be able to talk to my sister until sometime tomorrow. She’s the only one that would know because she bought her. I’ll let ya know first thing when i find out, though. ~Anne

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      2. Yep! I don’t let her get away with anything she tries to pull on me. Yesterday my sister and I were riding double and she didn’t like that so she was bucking trying to get my sister off so i let my sister off and galloped her up and down a hill then came back and my sister got back on with no problem. ~Anne

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      3. Bucking isn’t tolerated. In Nov when I had my accident, the horse I was riding decided to buck, sat it til he was done I didn’t kick just waited tol he was done. I told him “you can buck, rear, spin me all you want, I’ve got all day!” He was barn sour but he needed to learn a lesson.

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      4. You should wear it when riding Dakota you never what she’ll do. I didn’t wear my helmet on a barn sour horse and I ended up a concussion for a month. I lost memory, concentration, balance, I slept a lot, headaches/migraines. When I fell off I ended up bruises on my hip, legs, toe and a day in the urgent care. The horse took off and I fell, knocked out for 3-5 mins I don’t know how I fell, it was all a blur, I may have flipped off.

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