Have you ever just felt so overwhelmed with emotions that you wish you could throw your head back and scream? While that’s how you’re feeling on the inside you must remain calm and hold it in. That only seems to make it worse. I often feel this way and it is frustrating.

When the urge to do this occurs I often get mad and very ticked with anyone who crosses my path. I snap their heads off and that only makes them sad or mad at me. Even though it sometimes makes me feel better a new emotion sweeps over me: Guilt and sorrow. The only thing that can relieve me of this is to go and apologize to every person I hurt. In the end of this process I usually have forgotten all my other emotions. I’m not saying you should go snap people’s heads off to solve your stress problems but instead you should find ways to “scream”. Not a verbal, actual scream but a stress reliever “scream”.

  • Go outside and run around the house as fast as you possibly can until you’re dead tired. Then stop. Stop and lean up against something to catch your breath. Think about all the emotions that flooded you before you ran. Realize how little and needless they were.
  • Go somewhere private and laugh. Let it out. And if it is REALLY private where no one can here you, let out a scream or a loud groan at least.
  • If you can’t do any of the above (say you’re in a meeting or at church) excuse yourself and go into a room or the restroom. Lean up against the wall, facing it with your palms flat on the surface. Push as hard as you can. Just make sure it’s a sturdy wall before you do so. 😉
  • Lay on your bed and stretch. Let out a quiet or loud moan to let some of your anxiety out.

Those are my solutions. I hope they helped someone out there. And remember, next time your on your last nerve just throw your head back and scream!



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