Perfection Isn’t Everything

                                        Nobody is perfect.

That is very true. But who’s standards of perfect are you going on?

  • There is the world’s definition of perfect in which you must indeed be perfect. Flawless. Your style of clothes, hair, the brand of every product you buy, the way you act and the people in which you keep company with all must be according to what’s the “in” thing, how is every one else doing it.
  • God’s definition of perfect would only be keeping his commandments and obeying Him. Living for Him.

There are many more and it may seem overwhelming at times trying to be perfect. You must run your life under a certain standard of perfect before you can achieve “perfection”.

Just think of it this way: The world’s way only means you must live your life in constant stress trying to stay perfect in the eyes of your  “friends” and even total strangers. This you will never achieve to utter perfection because the world is always changing. Something that is considered cool today will be ridiculed tomorrow.

The best and only way is down God’s lane. Listen up. Here’s why. Because God doesn’t expect you to be perfect. Because no one is perfect nor ever can be. God only asks that you love Him and do His will.                                                                                                            God doesn’t care if your current wardrobe is on this years fashion models or if your friends are cool or not. He only wishes the best for you and wants your complete and total love.

With that said,

                                          Nobody is perfect.

And we sure know it’s true.😉




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