Mom Recognition Day

Since today is Mother’s Day I decided to do a post in recognition of my mom/all moms.

Most people think that all a Mom has to do is change diapers, do a few dishes, a little household cleanup and then she sits down and works on her blog while the kids take a nap. 😉 Okay. Maybe everyone doesn’t think that…..                                             Anyway. The point is, not all Moms have it that easy, especially in families with lots of kids.

There are 8 kids in my family and my mom has homeschooled all of us since the beginning. Currently there are  5 of us still in school.

My dad has his own little online business besides his job so my mom helps out with that when he gets back from work. During the day, though, she does dishes, laundry, house cleanup, organization of rooms, and plus she teaches 5 kids in 4 different grades (my two younger siblings are in the same grade). That may not sound like much but she not only has to do her jobs but she has to remind all of her children to do theirs. (Except me. 😇)

My mom starts her day at 6am and doesn’t get to bed until at least 10 or 11 pm. And her day just doesn’t consist of simply getting work done. She also has to deal with family problems and the everyday bickering that goes on between siblings. Plus, just recently the death of my cousin and a very good family friend.

I don’t think we give enough thought into what an average homeschooling mom has to do. And my mom is so fantastic! She is able to handle everything and keep it together.

I think today we should give a round of applause to all the moms out there.

Happy Mothers Day and good job moms!!!



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