A couple years ago I decided that I would like to raise goats. Since my Dad had goats when he was a kid, he was totally open to the idea. But with all the animals that we currently have and me not having a job, getting goats would only load another financial burden on my parents. So I’ve set aside my dream until I can get a job to support my new pets.

Lately, though I’ve been thinking more about rekindling my desire to own goats. We just recently built a rather large barn which has freed up space in our mini barns…….space which would be ideal for 2 or 3 goats. I would just have to get my brothers to move their chickens. 😉

I’m considering three breeds of which i might get: Nubian, Alpine or Nigerian Dwarf. And maybe when I’m older and before I’m too old to join 4-H, I may enter them in our county fair.

Nubians: My Most Likely Choice

Nigerian Dwarfs


Anyway. One day I hope to own my very own goats and when I do they’ll be like my very own kids. 😉😁 (pun intended).




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