Our cat just had her 3rd litter of kittens. I love all of them!  They are all so precious to me.

We kept one from the first litter and another one from the 2nd. Unfortunately my mom said, “No more.” So when they are old enough we have to put the Free Kitten sign out. 😢

I’m the kind of person that wont let any of her pet’s offspring go to a bad home. If it were my decision I would make each person who stopped take a polygraph test before they could take one. But it is hard to get rid of them as it is and my family is happy to give them to anyone. 😃

I always name all of the kittens. And these are unique names. Not names like Patches or Flower. Exquisite names that I have to like before I officially place them with the right kitten.

These are a few pictures of our kittens.

Bagheerah and Vidar


Little Hadley


My baby Hadley in his toddler days.
Saki on far right.





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