Inspiration Month

Okay! So this being the first of June, I want y’all to inspire someone this month.

Encourage a family member, friend, or stranger. Maybe even a ministry. Someone who is living for God and trying to run his ministry on small amounted donations or on little energy.

Think of everyone who has inspired you! Maybe you and everyone else takes them for granted not thinking that they need a word of encouragement now and then.

You’ve got all month to do this: write, email, text, call or talk to as many people as you can think of. Don’t forget ministers, evangelists, singers etc…

I know a great many people whom I’ve already started to contact and encourage. Who knows……maybe you are the 100th person to send them a Bible verse or maybe you are the only one. You could make the difference in their day…….or week…..or maybe in their life.

If you are hard pressed for ideas, here are a few:




Mark Cahill ministries @   Here’s a guy that could really use some encouragement! Truly an amazing speaker! After listening to him, you won’t be the same. He lives his whole life for God and runs his ministry off of the donations he receives for his books and tracts. The trouble is that some people take but don’t give. Encourage Mark by sending him your tithe for the month or just simply looking into his ministry and sending him a word of encouragement.
Garment of Praise Quartet 
I’ve been going to listen to these guys all my life. They know my dad and grandpa and despite their own trials, they have prayed for our family through ours. They are the only quartet that I feel like crying after hearing them. Really talented men! I thank God for their inspirational music! They and their family have gone through a lot and I’m sure they would be truly inspired to get 1,000 encouraging emails from you all. 😉
Redeemed Quartet  Now here’s 4 young men who started their own quartet to bring praises to God. You hardly find guys like this anymore. Giving up their reckless youth devoting it to God. I’m sure at times they do get discouraged and would love to hear from you all. Encourage them by letting them know how impressed you are by their devotion to God. Theses guys are true role models for all youth today.

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if we could flood these guys with 100 emails by the end of June?!? We could all really make a difference in their lives. Imagine how encouraged they would be to hear from as many bloggers from WordPress as possible! When you send them an email, sign off like this: Sincerely, Anne from Let’s show ’em there are lots of people in the blogging world praying for them. Let’s strike for 100 encouraging  “contacts” (emails, texts, comments on their websites, etc…) for these guys!! I know we can do it! Tell everyone you know about them and have them leave a comment for them as well. Every time you or someone you know encourages one (or all) of them, leave a comment on this post and we’ll count up how many we got at the end of June. And remember, it takes less time to email 3 people/ministries than it does to text everyone you know,”Good morning!”. Wanna see if I’m right? Go ahead and do it and find out!!!



  1. Hmmm.. that’s pretty cool!
    Also, I couldn’t see how to leave a comment on your about page, Anne, but I really wanted to say a few things about it!!
    that’s SO cool that you love everything country, I’m with you ALL the way there! 😉 (except for some modern country music that doesn’t go along with what I believe it right to listen to) I LOVE riding horses and living on our farm!! Also…YOU ARE 6’9″ ?????? AND YOU’RE SIXTEEN? TELL ME YOU’RE JOKING, RIGHT?????? How do you FIT in your HOUSE!??? That is absolutely CRAZY! Anyways, I’m glad I came across your blog! You two seem very nice, and I love how much you blog and talk about your faith. That’s wonderful!

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