Stories from Anne & Brooke: Dinner…



My mom was out of town for nine days. Nine days, I tell you! How was I supposed to survive a whole week being the only woman in the house?! Granted, I am only fifteen, but still, I consider myself a woman. Especially since I am most likely done growing at five foot four and a half inches tall. And of course, I am off subject. Back to my point.
HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE A WHOLE NINE DAYS WITHOUT MY MOM?! I am totally calm. Not overreacting at all.
Whenever my mom leaves on a trip, I am usually put in charge of the food. Bad, bad, bad decision! I somehow mess everything up when I am in charge.
Day 1: We went out to Burgerville for lunch, and got enough to hold us over for the rest of the day, with a few snacks here and there.
Day 2: I made orange chicken! And rice. You can’t forget the rice. That was easy. Put the chicken on a pan, preheat the oven to whatever, stick the chicken in, and set the timer. The rice was a little more difficult, but my dad thankfully helped me out with that.
Day 3: Salmon and steamed green beans are my absolute favorite dinner meal. My mom left me instructions for the salmon, and my dad was again there to help me. It went pretty well until I dropped the salmon. Big no no. I was putting the pan in the oven, when it just flopped over. I stood where I was looking at it. My dad came over, saying “What did you do?” I had no idea. The salmon we were able to save. It had fallen face down on the inside part of the oven door. I just didn’t tell my brothers about the little accident.
Day 4: This meal was supposed to be fairly easy, but I had never made it before. Not even with the help of my mom, so I was completely on my own. Pasta and meatballs. Not exactly my favorite, but I was trying to pick a meal that was kinda in the middle of easy and hard. I wanted it done by five thirty, and it took about fifteen minutes to make, and just to make sure I had it all done on time, I started at five-o-clock. First, I couldn’t figure out how much four quarts was. So I asked my older brother to look it up, and he did. I was going to do two bags of pasta, but thirty-two cups of water in one pot didn’t sound like a good idea to me. I had sixteen cups of water in my pot, put it on the stove top on high, and dumped the noodles in. Here is my first error. Instead of waiting for the water to get to a rolling boil first, I just added the noodles in. Obviously it wasn’t coming to a boil and I was getting annoyed, so I looked back at the instructions. I scooped all the noodles out, dumped the water, and began refilling it at the fridge. I had to put something away real quick, and the water pouring into the pot wasn’t much yet. But still, it fell. Water splashed all over the floor, my face began growing hot, water was still pouring it of the fridge. After I had cleaned all of that up, everything went pretty well. All except for the fact the I forgot about the meatballs, so I just stuck those in the microwave.
Day 5: Fortunately my brother took over for this meal. Even though it was just mixing up a bowl of Asian salad from Costco.
Day 6: I slept in late, so when I got up at eleven thirty or noon, it was almost too late to start the dinner I wanted to make. I was doing crockpot chicken. I ended having enough time. I dumped all the ingredients into the crock pot and it began cooking! Four hours later, and it was done, along with a nice spinach salad. Now that is what I call not failing on making dinner.
Day 7: We had left-over noodles, meatballs, and green beans.
Day 8: We ate out. First, a big lunch at Burgerville, and second, we had Mexican food after seeing a movie.
Day 9: I can honestly say that I do not remember what we had for dinner.
I was the happiest person on the face of the earth when my mom came home the night of the ninth day!

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