Stories from Anne & Brooke: The Debate


The Debate

Just recently, I went to a 4-H officer training camp with my brother Trevor, and my sister Grace. Towards the end of it, we had a debate. The group of forty kids or so were spilt into two “debate teams.”
My team was named Team Dolphin.
On a large screen in front of us were different categories, which our spokesperson picked from. She would pick a category and there would be questions under it. The teams would have to quickly answer the question before the other.
We were doing pretty good with eighteen points, and the other team, ten. On the last question, we decided that if we lost, we would give so many of our points to the other team, but if we won they would give us the same amount.
We decided on four points, and were about to announce it when four boys in our group yelled, “Do all of the points!”
We were all yelling, “No! No!”
Our spokesperson was yelling, “Four points! Not all!”
Dave, the boy who had the microphone, said, “Okay! All of the points!”
We—The Dolphins—threw ourselves back into our chairs and let out loud sighs.
The last question was the toughest, and we had a girl on our team who almost had it.
We lost that question, and therefore lost the debate.
It was all just fun and games, so it wasn’t a great loss.
It was kind of funny, too.

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