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So i have no idea if I will be in my sisters wedding or not. I know they want to spend as little money as possible. And I understand that completely. They may want the bridesmaids to pay for their own outfits and that is the only reasonable thing to do. It will save them so much needed money for their future together. That’s why if my sister asks me to be in the wedding I’m hoping to be able to pay for my own dress. (Got any Self-employed job ideas for me? Awesome! Tell me about ’em here!)

If she doesn’t ask me to be in the wedding, it wont hurt my feelings. If she does, I will be thrilled, but it doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, If she does, I’m gonna suggest to her to look on this website called Latter Day Bride & Prom and Light In The Box. They have some dresses on there that are really cute and modest. These are my favorites: (btw, I have no idea what the wedding colors are but I have a feeling one of them will be purple. My sister is obsessed with purple! 😉)

MW22070 $50.00
MDS1615 $55.00
modest-bridesmaid-dress-mds 001-purple_400x600
MDS 001 $70.00
MK23767 $60.00

Latter Day Bride and Prom is really nice but Light In The Box has waaaaay cheaper products. They may not be everyone’s style but these following dresses are fashioned after 50s dresses. I LOVE that time era!!! Take a look!!


This style is my absolute fav although it may not be perfect bridesmaid gown apparel in some people’s taste.




The following would probably be more acceptable than the last.


There are a lot more pretty styles so go check ’em out.

Note: At the time I viewed these products on the website, they were on sale. I’m not sure how long these prices will be valid.

Because I have a lot of foot trouble, i find Justin boots much more comfortable to wear than high-heels. Also I’m already rather tall so that’s another reason i don’t prefer heels.

I’m trying to push the idea to do Justin boots for the footwear for the bridal party since the wedding is already western themed.

This is my current pair and i really love them.

Well if y’all know any websites with cheap, cute and modest dresses or if you have any ideas for western themed weddings, you know where the comment box is! 😉

Love ya!!!



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