I always thought when people said,”It was Love at first sight!” that they were really dramatic and it couldn’t possibly be true. Until I met this guy at a Ken Ham event last year. Long story short, He obviously liked me. Anyway, other than that day I met him, that was the only time I saw him. But yet I did everything in my power to find  him again.

Love at first sight?

Maybe…..but he probably never gives me a second thought. 😕

(Getting on with the point to this post. 😉)

As my sister said to me a week or so ago, “When are you gonna stop talking about this guy? One day when you’re married, your husband is gonna find out about how you went on and on about this boy and think he really meant something to you.”

So I made a decision that if God wanted me to see him again and if it really was “love at first sight”, then one day I would see him again. But you can’t live your life on possible relationships based on your unbalanced emotions as a teenager. You can’t let a teenage crush stop you from maturing into adulthood and finding a true relationship some day.

If you let it get in your way, years from now you’ll look back and have regrets because of your stupidity.

Or even worse, if you convince yourself that that crush really did mean something to you then if you ever find someone else you’ll always think back to that crush and feel sorrow that you can’t have him/her or you’ll feel guilty for “abandoning” that person who probably doesn’t even remember your name.

Dont let your uncertainty as a teenager prohibit your happiness in the future. Let Jesus take the steering wheel of your life and trust that He’ll make things work together for good.

For those of you who are still wondering why I chose the title that I did for this post, here is why: In this post we discovered that “Love at First Sight” for teens may not be love at all but simply an infatuation or crush brought on by unbalanced hormones. Therefore it really wasn’t love so hence it couldn’t really be lost if it was never there. But in our upset minds (us teens of course) we saw it as a lost love. I revealed the truth  about it not being love at all and therefore what was once a mystery is now a secret unleashed.

I never wanted to admit to myself that this “love of mine” was indeed an infatuation, but I realized this confession was essential for a started path to happiness in my future.

I hope this helped someone out there struggling. If so let me know below!





9 thoughts on “The Secret Case of “Lost Love”

  1. Amen. Also, maybe a teen or parent of teen girls will find your blog and learn something useful and insightful about teen girls as a way of understanding what they’re going through in life instead of merely calling it a teen phase or something.
    Seeking God’s help in trouble might seem natural to Christians but for many the problems seem too big or it’s their pride keeping them from coming to God in humility when they need Him most.
    Some attained understanding can go a long way because understanding can push away clouds of ignorance in others’ minds, helping them to see what’s been obscured before.
    Your being inspired by my comments inspires me to keep inspiring.
    Also, thank you very much for all the likes you have given to my posts. I’m grateful that you found that many of my posts to be likable. Hopefully none are untrue or even sugar-coated; few perhaps are nice-sounding or agreeable to some or many but I am not interested in pleasing people, I’m interested in helping them by sharing the truth. If someone’s convicted or challenged – good. Led to repentance by the Spirit through something they find on my site? super. If they just plain disagree, well, that’s their choice. Sorry, telling a little much about myself on your post that has to do with something totally different.
    May our heavenly Father strengthen you to do the work He has given you both to do, Anne and Brooke 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much!
      And your welcome! I have found each and every one of your posts quite inspirational and true. Brooke and I strive everyday to be closer to God and pray that our blog will ispire others as well. We find it quite encouraging for other bloggers such as yourself to add Godly wisdom to our website that others will hopefully see and take to heart. God bless you and your blog! ~Anne

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      1. We just have to faithfully do our part and the Lord will do all that we cannot. We can plant and water but only God can produce the harvest. The results of our faithful service and real love for God and for others will produce in time what it can and must, because no labor of love is in vain.
        Until next time, sisters in Christ.

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  2. While I’m not a teenager or a girl I’d say that it’s not an easy time for them because of changes in body and mind and in those years is needed a constant center to return to, Jesus, for comfort, strength, control of new and strange emotions at work in teenager’s life.
    Parents should teach their teens the difference between mere infatuation (love at first sight) and real love (agape, biblical love).
    For Christian parents this area having to do with sex and love is not comfortable territory but it’s vital in aiding their teen(s) in knowing the truth about the kind of love Christians are called to practice.
    If parents figure their teens will just figure out by themselves, they’re in for problems that could be avoided if they take responsibility to teach about the topics of infatuation/crushes/love at first sight; how to deal with emotions which seem overwhelming at the moment; as well as all the other typical, normal, and confusing things that take place in the teen’s life.
    The easier thing to do is to avoid this responsibility or say as little as possible about such uncomfortable subjects but God calls parents to take courage and teach their children all that is necessary to live life to avoid falling into the traps the devil sets and the lies the world believes and propagates about love, sex, lust, romance, and a host of other topics.

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    1. Very true and profound! Your comment really challenges parents to spend more time with their teens explaining bliblical principles and helping their growing children understand their constantly changing emotions. Thanks for this comment! ~Anne

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      1. You’re welcome.

        Maybe some parents will read it and think about stepping up to their God-given roles more seriously while they can also have fun while doing that; a way can be found. Teaching and explaining biblical principles shouldn’t be boring for the parents or the children, but that’s challenging, too; that’ll require the Lord’s assistance and the use of creativity.

        May God bless your blog and the work you’re doing through it to help teens via advice and the community you want to see grow through it 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much, Glory to God Alone!! That’s my prayer that some struggling individual will stumble across our blog and be inspired to let God help them with their problems. May God Bless you and yours! Amen! ~Anne

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